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Friday morning applesauce: Santana will rest, Jose makes music, ketchup goes on hot dogs

The Mets had a second consecutive day off, although this one was scheduled.  We did have a little bit of news on the day though, most importantly an update on the Johan.  Word out of the Adam Rubin lobby is that Johan has suffered no damage to the shoulder, he's simply fatigued and will shut it down for a week.  I'd be fine just shutting him down for the season, but I'm still probably scared of shirtless maniacs scaring him into a rash decision.  Jose Reyes and David Wright both touched on that subject involving the clubs past regime in this Ike Davis update.

Howard Megdal used the off day to take a deeper look at one of the most underrated players in baseball.  I'll never understand how he's slid under the radar to this extent playing in NY.  Ted Berg tackled an equally important subject.

Toby Hyde profiles rising prospect Juan Lagares at his blog.  I've been particularly impressed with his development this season...It will be interesting to see how some of our young outfielders factor into the offseason decision making.

Here's yet another piece about Daniel Murphy in the field.

Some of you have probably seen the video already, but here's an interesting piece about Jose Reyes making a foray into music.

Around the NL East:

The Phillies won again, shutting out the thorn in their side Giants 3-0

Washington didn't fare quite as well,losing to the Rockies 6-3

Clay Hensley was not good and the Cards capitalized, winning 7-4

Around MLB:

Beyond the Box Score took a look at who first reported deals correctly at the trade deadline.  It's kind of eye opening how small those numbers are after all of the rumors that floated around.

Stephen Colbert took over the official MLB twitter account.  It should be fun to watch for the remaining hours he's running it.

Fangraphs took a look at Brandon Allen and his high strikeout numbers so far this season.

Joe Posnanski writes yet another fantastic piece.

Carlos Beltran is proving how poorly he handles a leadership role and ruining the Giants clubhouse to be an excellent presence in the Giants clubhouse.