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Hospital for Special Surgery Applesauce: Reyes down, Murphy down, Mets out?

*Unprintable stream of expletives* (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
*Unprintable stream of expletives* (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Meet the Mets



Now you are just torturing us.

Sorry if I seem less than enthusiastic on the Applesauce beat today. I guess it's not all bad news. Reyes didn't hurt his hamstring any worse than the last time he hurt his hamstring. And the David Wright for shortstop lobby, David Wright CEO, finally got its wish. And Wright's UZR at SS will certainly be higher than his UZR at 3B. 

I was listening to the radio, and haven't had the heart to watch the replay, so I will let the comentariat be the judge here.

In the actually good news category, Zack Wheeler had a fine 2nd start for St. Lucie

Ruben Tejada is headed back from Buffalo to be the Mets' everyday shortstop. Could AA favorite (okay, mostly Applesauce author favorite) Josh Satin be far behind?

Hey did you know the Mets have never thrown a no-hitter?

Around the NL East

Chipper Jones can retire already, I am okay with that. 

Tim Lincecum outpitched Roy Oswalt as the Giants held onto their slim lead in the NL West. For those wondering, Beltran is hitting .244/.262/.366 since the traid. 

Oh, and you stay classy, San Diego Philadelphia

The Nationals beat the Rockies, but everyone was too busy reporting on Steven Strasburg's first rehab start to notice.

The MarLOLins defense reared its ugly head as they were swept by the Cardinals.


Around MLB

The Brewers completed a sweep of their own and have won 11 of 12 to take command in the NL Central. 

Ian Kennedy outdueled Clayton Kershaw (wait, what?) and picked up his 14th victory of the season. The Dbacks remain a half game back of the Giants in the West.

Hey, remember when the Pirates were plucky playoff contenders? Yeah, not so much anymore

Jorge Posada could be on his way out of pinstripes. Is it just me, or is Girardi kind of being a jerk know, it's the Yankees. Whatever. Anyway, the Yankees lost in extra innings to the Red Sox to fall a game behind in the division. No one is the fourth estate is breathlessly overreacting, though.

While he is not an American citizen to my knowledge, there has to be some eighth amendment violations in making Felix Hernandez keep pitching for the Mariners

Michael Young got his 2000th hit in the Rangers win over the sputtering Indians. This is a very important milestone.

The Hardball Times takes an interesting look at the nuts and bolts of advanced fielding metrics and considers a wholesale shift in their function.

Non-story is a non-story.

And fangraphs adds an incredibly polite takedown of Buster Olney's criticisms of their positional adjustment.