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This Week In SNY, Featuring Subliminal SNY Messages, Moustaches, And Burkhardt's Philly Treason

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TWISNY is back for the stretch run after a mid-August holiday featuring a daring Hurricane Irene escape. This edition goes back a few weeks.

Tuesday, August 9th

SNY's approach to subliminal messages is, well, not so subliminal. Check out Scott Hairston's OB-what?


Urge to watch "Daily News Live" and "LoudMouths" -- rising. Must... read... Metsblog. Give us more Gary Apple and Kirk Gimenez. (Hat tip to intrepid AA'er Jsz for bringing this gem to our attention)

Friday, August 12th

Josh Thole is E.T. to Jason Marquis' Elliott:


We may have found the TWISNY .gif of the year. It's this or the Mike Pelfrey balk from a few months back. (via Baseball Nation)

Monday, August 15th

Let's check in with Kevin! Kevin's fraternal twin brother Barry is employed as a Padres cameraman:


Kevin and Barry see each other just a handful of times each year. They shared a few laughs in between innings, reminiscing about how their mother used to force them to get the same haircut.

Tuesday, August 16th

It was nice to see a Civil War veteran in attendance:


Kevin sent out a Tweet with a picture of his San Diego dinner:


TWISNY has an eye for sushi and can say with confidence that Kevin was eating -- wait for it -- a Philadelphia Roll! It's made with salmon, cucumber and cream cheese. Delicious, yes, but it's Philly. Say it ain't so, Kev! Anything but a Philly Roll. You might as well put on a Shane Victorino jersey before digging in. Traid.

Kevin presented one of the more awkward segments of the season, a visit with rehabbing Chris Young:


Young barely pitched for the Mets this season, almost certainly won't be back in 2012, is about eleven feet tall and appeared to be rehabbing in a rooftop night club cabana. Awkward. Ron Darling chimed in with some stories about his own rehab efforts during his playing days so we suppose the segment did have some value. Anyway, here is another odd shot of Young's rehab:


Thank you sir, may I have another?

Friday, August 19th

Finally, we'll close with a WFAN crossover story, as shared by our own Pack Bringley. Take it away, Pack:

Howie Rose is in a very goofy mood during this rain delay, and relayed that Gary Cohen stopped by to say it's gonna be a long one. That's ironic, Howie said, since Gary's nickname around the booth is "Clouds." "So when "'Clouds' Cohen stops by...", ha, ha.

As in "Head in the..."? As in a real bummer? Howie didn't say, or hint, but "the guys call him 'Clouds.'"

Over the course of a couple decades following Mets baseball on television and radio, never once has TWISNY heard any reference to "Clouds" Cohen. This is a puzzler and hopefully the story behind the nickname is revealed one day.

That's all for now. We'll be back with a vengeance next week, once power returns to TWISNY's underground lair. Send any tips or suggestions to