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Thursday Morning Applesauce: Duda does his thing, Satin and Stinson called up

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The last time Chris Capuano pitched he threw one of the best games pitched in the majors this season. He wasn't nearly as dominant this time out, but he was good enough to keep the Mets in the game they'd eventually win 3-2. Lucas Duda managed to drive in Jose Reyes in the 7th to cap the comeback win for the Mets, as three runs was enough tonight.

After the game, two Joshes were promoted from the minors. Stinson and Satin will both be in uniform for the final month of the season. I'd guess we get a look at a few more kids once the minor league seasons end in a few days.

Looking at some pitchers might give us a better idea if we have any parts for the 2012 bullpen. Patrick Flood takes a look at how the team should go about building a better one.

Ted Berg did a little interview with Mets prospect Matt Den Dekker. He's certainly one of the more interesting prospects we have, and if he could just cut down on the strikeouts he'd probably be getting a lot more national attention.

Ike Davis is scheduled to work out while the team is in Florida so the trainers can get a better look at him. I'm still in disbelief that the collision with David Wright could have him missing the start of next season.

Around the NL East:

The Phillies beat the disappointing Reds 3-0 yesterday behind yet another solid pitching performance.

The Braves also got strong pitching in their 3-1 victory over the Nats. They acquired Jack Wilson yesterday as well. As terrible as Wilson has been at the plate this year, Alex Gonzalez has been just as bad. I'm glad they short-sightedly traided Escobar away last season to make a retiring manager happy.

Around MLB:

Albert Pujols gives us yet another reason to love him, I can only imagine the reaction if Traid Reyes did this to a Philly fan.

FanGraphs takes a look at Ichiro and the Hall Of Fame. Assuming his career is very near it's end, this will be a fun debate in a few years between traditionalists and more saber-minded voters.

BtB does a study into the most biased fans in baseball. Contrary to the title, they were exactly who I thought.

Boston didn't get a great game from Josh Beckettbut they outhit their way to staying atop the NL East anyway. To that end, they also acquired Conor Jackson yesterday.

Texas also made some roster moves yesterday, making a pair of traids to help with their playoff push.  

The D-backs won their 9th straight yesterday. They are currently running away from Carlos Beltran and the Giants, now 6.5 up in the West. While I was really hoping this traid would work out for them, the D-backs are also a nice story. Here's hoping for a Brewers/D-backs NLCS.

And finally, if you were hoping to see Koji Uehara in Queens next year, it's unlikely to happen as his vest has become reality.