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David Einhorn Reacts To Dissolution Of Potential Mets Ownership Deal

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David Einhorn has issued a statement regarding his now-dead deal to buy part of the Mets:

"I am disappointed to announce that I will not be purchasing an ownership interest in the New York Mets baseball team at this time. It is clear that it will not be possible for me to consummate the transaction on the terms that the Sterling-Mets organization and I originally agreed to several months ago. The extensive nature of changes that were proposed to me at the last minute has made a successful transaction impossible.

"I want to thank the entire Mets organization and Major League Baseball for their efforts. This experience will always be a happy memory for me because of the Mets’ fans. A good number of you have reached out to offer me encouragement. I will always be touched by the warmth that you showed me."

Boo. We have nerds in the front office, I wanted a nerd in the ownership suite, too.