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#Hats off NYM Applesauce: No really, we mean it, take them off

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 (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Meet the Mets

On the tenth anniversary of September 11th, the Mets staged a valiant comeback against the Chicago Cubs, tying the game at 4. They were nice enough to then wait for September 12th to have a massive bullpen implosion in the eleventh inning. Ryota Igarashi and Josh Stinson were the culprits this time, allowing six runs to the Cubbies. Luckily, RA Dickey is here to salve the wounds of two straight blown games.

But last night was about more than just a baseball game, of course. It was about MLB protecting their marketing agreement with New Era. Well, perhaps that is a bit cynical of me, but, hey, you can buy a 37 dollar replica of the cap the Mets wore last night on Anyway, it will be something for the NYC media to drive into the ground for a news cycle or two. Todd Zeile was surprised that MLB is still making an issue out of the whole hat thing. I agree. I mean, even the NFL let their coaches wear the hats on the sidelines, and they fine you if the towel hanging out of your pants is too short. That's poor MLB, that's poor.

Prior to the evening's game, the Mets and MLB put together a rather lovely 9/11 tribute. I might just be biased, as I never get tired of seeing that Mike Piazza home run. ESPN put together their own piece as well.

We are well into the twilight of the season, but that doesn't mean we can't have an injury update! Johan Santana will make another rehab start for Savannah on Thursday as the Gnats attempt to capture the South Atlantic League title. Also of note, Lucas Duda will be playing Winter League ball as he tries to make a case to be the 2012 every day right fielder.

Around the NL East

Yovanni Gallardo outduled Vance Worley, as the Brewers downed the Phillies. The Phils still took 3 of 4 in what could be a NLDS preview.

St. Louis completed a sweep of the Braves, making the NL Wild Card race at least vaguely interesting for another week. More good news out of St. Louis, as Adam Wainwright is just about ready to start throwing again.

Javier Vazquez continues to dominate for the Fish, tossing six scoreless to help Florida beat Pittsburgh.

Steven Strasburg made his second start of the year, pitching three fine innings and the Nats bats pounded Henry Sosa in an 8-1 victory.

Around MLB

The AL Wild Card race is getting interesting as well. The Rays completed a sweep of the Sox to pull within 3 1/2 games of a playoff spot. Granted, they now only have like an 11% chance of making the playoffs, but technically with four left against the Sox, they do control their own destiny.

The Rays added some depth by calling up the best pitching prospect in baseball, Matt Moore, to fill out their bullpen. Here's my scouting report: Filthy, filthy, filthy.

Doug Fister is unstoppable as the Tigers march towards the playoffs. Guess I am going to have to eat some crow on the Fist. Never thought he would be this good away from Safeco and the Mariners D. Jose Valverde also set a Tigers record with his 43rd save.

Some pitcher named Everett Teaford (probably a psuedonym) shut down the Mariners offense. Nice of the Royals to ease Teaford into the majors by giving him a AAA offense for his first start.