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Mets Prospect Mailbag: Josh Satin, Gilbert Gomez and More

Bob H asks:

"From what I heard from some reporters that have seen him play, Satin is not too impressive in the field. The other night when Depodesta was on the broadcast from San Diego, I don’t think he mentioned Satin. Do the Mets consider him a prospect or is he too old already?"

Well you're right about one thing, Satin isn't going to be a stud defender. Playing mostly second in the minors, he lacks the lateral footspeed to stay there in the bigs. But as Terry Collins said "The kid can hit and that's the bottom line." Because Stone Cold said so.

Terry went on to explain that he likes Satin as a player because others don't like him. Scouts don't like his style, too much movement at the plate, not a natural in the field. But he just keeps on putting up numbers even when he shouldn't. Will he be a star in the majors? No, even if he keeps hitting he doesn't have enough power to start at a corner. But does he have the chance to be an excellent, offensive-oriented super-sub? Yes. Problem is that the Mets suddenly have a lot of those...

njmetfan12 asks:

"What's the deal with Chase Huchingson? I know that he went undrafted after posting an 8+ ERA in college, but his numbers this year are awesome, and he has more than a K/IP. What kind of stuff does he have, does he project to having any success at higher levels, and what's the organizational plan in regards to him? I noticed that he has started three games, but his appearances are also very sporadic, and I was wondering why that was?"

Huchingson is an interesting player to me as I just can't believe no team would take a flyer on a 6'5", athletic, deceptive lefty, even if he can't throw all that hard. But that's what happened, fortunately for the Mets who signed him after the draft last June. And while he's still not blowing people away, his fb has ticked up to about 90mph (again, no scout thought that might happen?) which has transformed him into a very interesting player.

While his lack of velocity limits his ceiling, his frame, delivery and good command give him a chance to follow almost exactly in Darin Gorski's footsteps, wherever that may lead (probably the ceiling as a major league spot starter/bullpen piece). As for the sporadic use, he is on a strict innings limit as he played a lot of outfield in college, thus never built up a very high IP count. I'd expect them to use him almost entirely as a starter in 2012.


Harry asks:

"I've been seeing Gilbert Gomez' name in Port St. Lucie's lineup, he jumped from GCL to high-A, is he a legit prospect? Also, why has Wilmer Flores stock dropped so much?"

Starting with Gomez, yes he's a prospect, albeit a very distant one. He is a very toolsy 19-yr old IFA signed out of the DR back in '08. He just had a decent year in what was a repeat showing in the GCL, however while he didn't hit a ton he showed off some excellent athleticism.

Then in mid-July the Hi-A Mets -- who share the same complex with the GCL club -- came looking for an outfielder, due to a rash of injuries. Gomez was called across the complex with the intent to get a few innings of fill-in work. The funny thing is that he raked. In 70 ab's he hit .307 with four homers and four stolen bases, while playing good defense. He even earned his way onto the playoff roster. Going forward I'd say that Gomez was already worth watching thanks to his long, athletic frame and now even more so thanks to his surprising performance in Hi-A.

For Flores, he's faded because he's not hitting enough. Now nine homers from a teenager in the FSL isn't bad but for the most part his offensive development stalled this year. His power regressed, his plate discipline has taken a step back and frankly, for a kid with no position who is lauded for his advanced hitting ability he has got to bat a lot better than .270 with a sub-700 OPS going forward.


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