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Sand Gnats 7, Grasshoppers 3: Series Tied, Enter Johan

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Results from game two of the South Atlantic League Championship Series, played on Tuesday, September 13th.

Lo-A Savannah Sand Gnats __________________________________

SAVANNAH 7, GREENSBORO 3 (Box) For two nights running Darrell Cecilliani has ripped an opening pitch -- last night, though, he came around to score. Minnesotan Joe Bonfe wacked out a ball that chased two comrades around the circuit, putting his team ahead 2-0 and dispersing the stink of a tough loss. The lead fell down when Gonzalez Germen fed-out a string of singles, but was re-established in the third by a Cecilliani-Tovar collaboration, their second. Some error-assisted blarney added a run in the fourth before the big bats were unsheathed: Luis Nieves, first, and Aderlin Rodriguez, second, stepped into pitches and swatted them long and gone. In the meanwhile, Germen had passed the ball to Yohan Almonte, who passed the ball to Brandon Sage, with no runs counted since back in the second. The twice-demoted southpaw out of Mobile, Alabama, was touched for an unearned run before screwing it shut with a swinging K.


 Beaming Star of the Night 

3B Aderlin Rodriguez. In 2011, Aderlin didn't do much right with the bat -- even 17 homers was only good for a .372 slugging percentage, pulled drainward by his .221 BA. But last night, a sparkling star. 

Coming Attraction

In game three on Thursday, two time Cy Young Award Winner Johan Santana will work through a few mechanical things, as everyone else cares hard.