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Jonah Keri And R.A. Dickey Talk About The "R.A. Dickey Face"

On Tuesday's Grantland Podcast, Jonah Keri spoke with his greatness, R.A. Dickey. With innumerable fascinating topics to discuss, where did they begin? Oh, that's right:

Jonah Keri: The internet has a sensation known as "R.A. Dickey Face." I think we need to start there. Are you familiar with "R.A. Dickey Face"? Do you know what this thing is, and if so what is your reaction to it?

R.A. Dickey: I do know what it is and my mom keeps me abreast of her favorite, you know, the transposed face on the great pictures, she sends me her favorites from time to time and I have a few of my own. I am aware of it and I commend all the people who participate.

Jonah Keri: Nice, what is your favorite so far?

R.A. Dickey: I like the one of the Incredible Hulk... but there are so many great ones it's hard to choose just one, I mean they're really creative, and the people that do that blog... it's a fantastically creative bunch so it's fun to see what they've come up with lately.

Jonah Keri: Absolutely. It's on, for people who don't know. It's a terrific Mets blog which I encourage people to check out anyway. I think my favorite is the Scarface take-off where it's you on top of Tony Montana and it says, "Say hello to my little knuckleballs." I enjoy that very much.

R.A. Dickey: That was good. I think that was the winner, maybe. It was a contest and I think it was one of the top three or four.

So just to recap:

  1. R.A. Dickey knows about the R.A. Dickey Face.
  2. R.A. Dickey likes the R.A. Dickey Face creations.
  3. R.A. Dickey knows about Amazin' Avenue.
  4. R.A. Dickey thinks we're a fantastically creative bunch.

A great morning to all!