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This Week In SNY, Featuring Kevin Burkhardt's Brother Lorenzo, Crazed John Baker, And Mike Baxter Boyer

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We can't decide if those still watching deserve a congratulatory handshake or a disapproving head shake.

Tuesday, September 6th

Let's check in with Kevin! A few weeks back, we met Kevin's fraternal twin brother Barry, the cameraman from San Diego. This week, we caught a glimpse of Kevin and Barry's hipster older brother, Lorenzo:


Lorenzo (don't dare call him "Zo") writes a column for the Miami counterculture magazine Squeeze. He isn't close with his brothers and only approached Kevin to silently mouth "sellout" to him.

What did Marlins catcher John Baker spot in the crowd to elicit such a shocked facial expression?


A) An actual Marlins fan
B) Scott Stapp
C) Lorenzo Burkhardt
D) Jeffrey Loria doing something non-dickish

And the answer is.... C, Lorenzo Burkhardt! Lorenzo has been something of a persona non grata around Sun Life Stadium ever since he successfully encouraged Hanley Ramirez to focus more on his freestyle floetry rather than his swing.

Kevin spoke about Baker's path back from Tommy John Surgery. He discussed Baker's healthy diet and intense workout routine, finally concluding:

He literally is a different guy.

Pet peeve alert!


Baker is still Baker. He is not Logan Morrison. He is not Ron Paulino. He is not "literally" a different guy. This is TWISNY's #1 pet peeve, with use of non-word "irregardless" somewhere in the top ten.

Mike Baxter pinch-hit late in the game and SNY correctly identified Whitestone's Own:


The same cannot be said for the Sun Life Stadium jumbotron operator:


Blaine Boyer. There's a name we haven't heard in a while. It feels like he pitched for the Mets four years ago and yet it was just this past April. "Baxter, Boyer, [yawn] no one is watching this game anyway just put up the old stock graphic of #23."

Thursday, September 8th

Let's check in with Kevin's Twitter feed! Kevin was le tired and started tweeting like an 11 year-old girl:


So um, yeah.

Finally, we'll close this Kevin-heavy installment with more Kevin! If one had to pick a single image to convey what TWISNY is all about, it might be this:


The fans are literally going bananas for Burkhardt. Hat tip to Rob Castellano for this gem.

That's all for now. Send any tips or suggestions to Check out next week's edition in which Kevin and SNY studio host Chris Carlin switch roles.