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Greensboro 12, Savannah 10: The Stomach Punch Game

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GREENSBORO 12, SAVANNAH 10 (11)  (Box)


Savannah was a mere one out away from their first South Atlantic League title in 15 years when calamity struck. RHP Brandon Sage gave up a two out single to Noah Perio, scoring the runner from 2nd and knotting the game as the air went out of Historic Grayson Stadium. Pitching was an issue for the Gnats all evening, starting with RHP Erik Goeddel. The ace of the staff was lit up for seven runs in four innings of work, and the Gnats found themselves in an early 7-2 hole. The Gnats bats came out swinging in the bottom half of the fourth, though. The first EIGHT batters of the inning reached safely and the Gnats scored 7 runs to take a 9-7 lead.

But in the end, we headed to extras, and again the Gnats pen would falter. RHP Ronny Moria, still in the game after replacing Brandon Sage after the game-tying single, gave up the following sequence of horrendousness, 3B, 1B, SAC, 1B, 3U, WP, BB, BB, BB. Three runs were in before he was mercifully pulled from the game, and although the Gnats would get a run in the bottom half, and get the tying run to the plate, another comeback was not in the offering. They are now staring down the deciding game with their decimated bullpen backing up Sterling Award winner LHP Angel Cuan. If there was ever a time for some more magic at Historic Grayson Stadium, tonight would be that time. 

If you want to listen to the game tonight, and I encourage you to do so, you can go here and click on the link for Savannah once the game begins. 


In case you were wondering, the Goat of the Night is the Savannah pen, specifically Moria and Sage. Hopefully Cuan and Huchingson will be sufficient tonight.