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Friday Morning Applesauce: Mets win again, Einhorn sale falls through, Frankenpitcher

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The formula for winning seems easy nowadays. Just put the ball in play against the Marlins and let their defense do the work. Or don't put the ball in play and simply let the ball roll to the backstop. Either way, the Mets took advantage of yet more terrible defensive work from the minnows en route to a 7-5 victory. This marks the 100th win of 40 year old spot starter Miguel Batista's career...3/36 anyone?

Many of us were pretty excited here when it was announced that David Einhorn would be buying a minority stake in the Mets. Without knowing that much about him, we all knew he had to be better than the bumbling Wilpon tandem. Unfortunately that deal has fallen through. This also brings up some interesting issues about cash flow. The Adam Rubin lobby now wonders if this will hinder the team's ability to resign shortstop Jose Reyes

Inside the Padres takes a closer look at one of the key members of our front office going forward. I'm sure we'll be reading all sorts of front office related stories with the current regime's connections to Moneyball. I'm just thrilled I'm no longer reading about "the contest".

I don't know how this one slipped by me yesterday, but Terry Collins seems to believe that Jason Bay is capable of playing center field. Clearly that's a bad idea unless the plan is to turn him into a 4th/5th utility outfielder (in which case I'll just be happy he's not playing everyday).

Ted Berg has an interesting comparison of the 2011 Mets offense to the 2010 version. Progress...

Around the NL East:

The Phillies won yet again, this time with a 6-4 scoreline over the Reds.

The Braves also just kept on winning. Last night they beat the Nationals 5-2.

Around MLB:

The Netherlands is hoping to host an MLB game in 2014 just outside of AmsterdamTim Lincecum lobby the Giants to play in said game.

Yankees prospect Juan Carlos Paniagua was suspended and had his contract voided by MLB. Apparently they failed to inform the Yankees as to the reason for this.

The Mets aren't the only team with a wonky ownership situation at the moment. MLB seems to think Frank McCourt is being less than genuine in some reports about a 1.2 billion dollar bid for the Dodgers. Frank McCourt isn't trustworthy? Shocker. I just wish that Buddy boy would take the same approach to the bumbling Wilpons as he has to McCourt.

Finally, Joe Posnanski is so in awe of R.A. Dickey's general awesomeness that he tries to construct a pitcher capable of toeing the rubber opposite him.