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Drink with Amazin Avenue Applesauce: Dickey and Chewbacca, Berg and SATIN!, Whiskey and Coke?

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Meet the Mets

No game to report on, so I have to find something to lead off Applesauce. So many possib....oh who am I kidding, here's Ted Berg interviewing Josh Satin!

Sandy Alderson has a mature, measured take on resigning Reyes. Panicpanicpanicpanicpanic. Meanwhile, the Star-Ledger takes a look at his possible replacement.

Apparently Lucas Duda is no longer a head case. Guess that just leaves Pelfrey.

Anthony Dicomo cleans out his inbox on the off day over at The Zack Wheeler/A.J. Burnett comp sent a shiver up my spine, but on a pure stuff level, I would totally take it.

This really needs no explanation.

John Sickels takes a look at NL East draft sleepers, and singles out Mets 23rd round pick Jeff Diehl. An interesting choice, and a guy I had forgotten had even signed. We can always use more catchers.

Patrick Flood is on board with the Byrdak extension.

Oh, and you can meet you favorite AA writers (and James Kannengieser) at the Fangraphs meet-up this Sunday at Amity Hall in Greenwich Village. I will probably be there as well, assuming they have enough bourbon to make me forget I am watching a Mike Pelfrey start.


Around the NL East

The Braves pen blew another one as the Marlins scored two in the ninth off Craig Kimbrel for a walk-off win. Atlanta's lead in the wild card is down to 2 1/2 games as the Cards edged the Phillies. The Phils lost 3 of 4 to St. Louis, but should be getting Ryan Howard back soon. And they still managed to clinch home field throughout the playoffs with the Brewers loss. God I hate the Phillies


Around MLB

As we slouch towards the end of the season, it's time to start speculating about year end awards. Grant Brisbee thinks Matt Kemp can still win the MVP award, despite the dodginess of the Dodgers. In the AL, Baseball-Reference compares Verlander's '11 to Ron Guidry's '78, Fangraphs has an official position of sorts, and wants to know who ya got?

Mariano Rivera is the new save king, icing game 602 for the Yanks in a makeup game against the Twins. Russell Martin was the catcher for people who care about such things. Posada did get in the game as a pinch hitter, though. Here is the NY Times Magazine piece on Rivera from last year, assuming you haven't used up your twenty free articles for the month. Or if you have, here's some more hagiography.

To sum up Boston's day yesterday: Panicpanicpanicpanicpanic. Oh never mind, it's still the Orioles. Boston's lead is still two, but I am sure everything will be fine if the Sox start Alfredo Aceves instead of using him in the pen.

Ian Kennedy tossed a gem and picked up his twentieth win as the Dbacks shut out the Pirates. And on National Talk Like a Pirate Day, no less.

The Mariners scored more runs in seven innings yesterday than they scored in Felix's last 15 starts. N.B. That is an approximation.

Matt Moore is a frightening individual when he has a baseball in his hand. I assume he is a gentleman and a scholar otherwise. Speaking of Tampa, Jae Seo mention + Weird, cool stat = automatic applesauce link.