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So It Has Come To This: The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast

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Many ones of months in the works, the Amazin' Avenue Audio podcast is finally here and, yes, it's fabulous. Rob and I initially recorded the show last week but were forced to re-record last night due to some audio difficulties. We were aiming for a 45-minute show and were pleased that we managed to clock in under an hour — 56:29 to be exact. The topics we covered:

  • Intro to Amazin' Avenue
  • Jose Reyes's legs (ed. note: RAWR)
  • Jordany Valdespin and the correct pronunciation thereof
  • Bobby Parnell and the "closer" "mentality"
  • Sabermetrics and You: FIP!
  • Jason Bay + poutine = crazy delicious

You can listen to the show via the embedded player below or listen/download directly at We've submitted the show to iTunes and will update you once it has been approved so you can subscribe to it there. (If you simply can't wait, you can take this podcast feed URL and add it manually to iTunes using these instructions.)

We welcome all feedback, and if you'd like to submit a question to the podcast mailbag you can do so at

One last thing. The logo here is a placeholder and we're in serious need of a new one. If you've got an artistic streak and want to help us out, you can download this hi-res Amazin' Avenue logo (TIF) and send your submissions to (the AA logo font is called Brush Script, if you're into that sort of thing). If we use your logo we'll send you a copy of the Amazin' Avenue Annual and mention you/your website on the podcast.

UPDATE: The podcast is live in the iTunes store. You can access it directly here or by searching podcasts for "Amazin' Avenue".