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This Week In SNY, Featuring David Wright's 9/11 Hat, Knitting Night, And Carlin And Burkhardt Trading Places

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This is the penultimate edition of TWISNY this season, so take it all in while it's still here. However, there are tentative plans for some kind of TWISNY season in review.

Sunday, September 11th

This is one of the best images of the season:


Old friend Todd Zeile joined the booth that night, looking like he had rolled out of bed just minutes before:


We imagine ESPN producers lent Zeile the blazer. He's used to it by now, as most fancy restaurants do the same when he walks in wearing only a Hanes v-neck.

Monday, September 12th

Gary Cohen weighed in on the 9/11 first responder hats controversy. Via the New York Times:

"It’s incomprehensible that M.L.B. somehow thought that [wearing first responder hats] was inappropriate," Cohen said.

Sounding like an op-ed columnist, Cohen said that baseball officials did not understand that "that no other city in the nation experienced that horrific day and its aftermath like we did in New York." He added: "Three thousand people died here. Not in Kansas City. Not in Seattle. You know, Milwaukee and Seattle didn’t lose 343 firefighters. Unlike Denver or Atlanta, virtually everyone in this city and its suburbs knew somebody who perished that day."

TWISNY appreciates that Gary rarely hesitates to speak his mind. His criticism is spot-on.

Let's check in with... Carlin?! Kevin Burkhardt and SNY studio host Chris Carlin switched jobs for the week. Here's Carlin on the sideline:


And here's Kevin in the studio with Bob Ojeda:


Why so serious, Bob? Is SNY grooming Burkhardt for a "face of the network" type of role? If yes, TWISNY approves, strictly for the boom in material it would provide. Let's check in with Kevin!

Tuesday, September 13th

TWISNY appreciated this pre-game shot of the opposing pitchers warming up side-by-side in their respective bullpens (in this case, Dillon Gee and Chien-Ming Wang):


It was Star Wars Night at Citi Field, in celebration of George Lucas's latest million dollar re-issuance R.A. Dickey's favorite film series. Several characters appeared:


Gary Cohen wondered of the above shot "Is that Princess Leia in the helmet?" C'mon Gary, it's obviously Wedge Antilles, the great fighter pilot ace from the Rebel Alliance and integral part of the missions to destroy both Death Stars. We are sick and tired of people overlooking Wedge Antilles.

TWISNY wonders what character noted sci-fi fan and Jedi (according to his Twitter bio) Kevin Burkhardt would have dressed as if he were there. Kevin?:


And there it is. Stars War Night overshadowed Knitting Night:


Some of the knitters' handywork was on display around Citi Field:




Despite the mostly snarky response to Knitting Night, TWISNY thinks it's a great idea and would like to see similar promotions in the future (Origami Night? Calligraphy Night?). Leaving behind the finished knitting projects at Citi Field for display would also be a fun community building project.

Wednesday, September 14th

There was a bizarre moment when some SNY crew members crashed the booth:


The crashers (that's Al the cameraman sitting front left and Dave the stat guy next to Gary) seemed happy to be there but didn't have much to say. Here is a transcript of their appearance:

Al: Hi everybody!

Dave: Hi mom.

The end. Gary then told a couple of jokes about Keith and Ron taking over Al and Dave's respective jobs that were more confusing than funny. They felt like SNY inside jokes, which doesn't really work with thousands (millions? billions?) of outsiders watching at home. Anyway, there's no problem with bringing SNY crew members into the booth but find some talkative ones willing to mix it up a little.

Friday, September 16th

Finally, we'll close with an SNY typo. Columbia ≠ Colombia:


Maybe Gary Cohen was trying to sneak in a plug for his alma mater? If so, we have a message for ya Gary:


Hat tip to Rob Castellano for spotting the typo and providing the graphic.

That's all for now. Send any tips or suggestions to for the final edition of the season.