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Mets Extend Terry Collins Through 2013


Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson called a presser before Tuesday night's game to announce that the team had invoked the option on manager Terry Collins' contract. Collins is now under contract through 2013.

Alderson praised Collins as a great communicator, and was also thankful that the manager has refrained from blaming the team's performances on injuries. Though the team will finish below five hundred this season, it seemed that Alderson appreciated that Collins stayed mostly steady throughout a trying season.

Steadiness has not always been Collins' forte. When asked about his reputation as a fiery manager that has lost clubhouses in the past, Alderson said he really hadn't seen evidence of that this year. "He's an emotional guy," Alderson admitted, but added that when he's gotten emotional this year, it's been in a "constructive" way.

Sabermetrically-inclined fans may find fault in Collins' work, but the manager is not among the most old-school in the business. Since last year, the team has seen fewer sacrifice bunts by position players, at the very least. And research suggests that the manager is not the most important part of a major league roster.

In any case, the Mets will have some continuity on the staff this year. Alderson said that he and Collins would sit down soon and decide about the rest of the coaching staff, but the silver-haired head honcho with the intense energy and easy (if occasional) smile will still be pacing in the dugout next year.