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Seasons Come, Seasons Go Applesauce: Mets Lose LOL-tastic Game In Extras, Jose Plays Like An MVP, TC's 2013 Option Exercised

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If Jose Reyes does the unthinkable and decides to play elsewhere in 2012 and beyond, at least he's going out in style with the Mets. The first eight innings of Tuesday evening's game were all about #7, the homegrown star shortstop who we watched mature from skinny, speedy 19 year old top prospect to one of the greatest all around offensive and defensive threats in the entire sport. Reyes, in a near heat with Brewers Ryan Braun coming into the game, had one to remember as he went 3-6 with a pair of home runs, an infield single, a stolen base and game-saving (at the time) diving stop to do his best to personally will the Mets to victory. Going into the final game, he leads Braun by a little over a point (.336 to .335). Quite honestly, I'd be lying if I said that that diving stop didn't put a little tear in my eye. I hate to step away from the news here but considering whatever may transpire during this offseason, thank you Jose for the past nine seasons. If this is it, if you never don Mets orange and blue again, it's truly been a pleasure and something I, as a fan, will always cherish.

Unfortunately, things weren't all lollipops and rainbows afterwards, as Manny Acosta put runners on base in the 9th and Bobby Parnell allowed a double to Juan Francisco, blowing the save. The Mets had a few chances in extra innings that fizzled out, the Reds took the lead on a suicide squeeze and then Francisco Cordero came in and threw one of the more puzzling innings you'll ever see: he walked 4 batters and balked once and yet did not give up any runs, thanks to a failed bunt that morphed into a failed hit and run and then a bases loaded, line out double play. Oh well.

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Game 162, the end of the Mets' 2011 season, takes place tomorrow at 1:10 PM. Miguel Batista throws as the Mets look to stave off a season ending sweep at the hands of the Reds. Edinson Volquez opposes him for Cincinnati.

In important off the field news, nine of the eleven counts in Irving Picard's lawsuit against the Mets ownership were dropped. All in all, this sounds like good news for the Wilpon/Katz families but how should we interpret this?

The other big ticket news item was the announcement that the Mets have picked up Terry Collins' option for the 2013 season. Collins, though certainly not the forward thinking, sabermetrically inclined manager fans were hoping for, has done a nice job of rallying the troops and keeping morale mostly up through an otherwise tough season. That's certainly a lot better than what we saw the prior two plus seasons.

Meanwhile, Sandy Alderson will not sit down with Terry Collins until Thursday to hammer out what the 2012 coaching staff will look like but according to Mike Puma of the Post, the Mets will keep pitching coach Dan Warthen. Something doesn't seem to add up here but I'm sure the source can be trusted. After all, Luis Hernandez had quite a year at second base for the Mets. Oh wait....

Before offering their own free agents contracts, the Mets will weigh other options on the free agent and trade markets. This will likely determine what happens to Scott Hairston and Willie Harris. Meanwhile, if the Mets decide to part ways with Mike Pelfrey, perhaps Kevin Slowey of the Twins could be a cheap, under the radar acquisition to prop up the back of the rotation.

Why have the 2011 Mets played better on the road than at home? Patrick Flood delves into the statistics to try to figure out this strange phenomenon. Meanwhile, Howard Megdal explains that the impending changes to Citi Field's dimensions are less about helping the offense and more about the pitching and the attendance.

Toby Hyde and SNY provide us with some footage of first round pick Brandon Nimmo's press conference at Citi Field on Monday.

Finally, there's some good news for Gary Carter, as the abnormal spots on his right temple were deemed benign.

Around the NL East

NL Wild Card Alert: The Braves lost to the Phillies 7-1, as Derek Lowe, in perhaps a roundabout act of Glavotage, was torn to shreds by the Phillies bats. Meanwhile, the Cardinals overcame an early five run deficit to pound the last place Astros by a score of 13-6, moving them into a wild card tie with Atlanta on the final day of the regular season.

The Marlins beat the Nationals 3-2 in what could be the last start of Javier Vazquez's career. Bryan Peterson hit a walk-off home run for the fish, playing their second to last game as the Florida Marlins. In a strange note, here's an odd tweet from Doc Gooden on some early Albert Pujols rumors. To the Marlins? Really? Did Doc Gooden beat everyone to the punch or is this just wild speculation?

Around the Majors

AL Wild Card Alert: There was no change in the standings heading into the final day of the regular season as the Rays came back to beat the Yankees 5-3, fueled by a 5-4-3 triple play to quell a bases loaded Yankees threat and a three run Matt Joyce home run. Meanwhile, the Red Sox held off the Orioles 8-7 in a nail-biter that concluded with quite an incredible at-bat by the O's Adam Jones, who battled from an 0-2 count all the way back to 3-2 against Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon before grounding out to end the game. The teams remain tied and just like in the NL race, they will play the final game of their seasons tomorrow with all of the marbles potentially on the line.

Here's a look at the possible playoff seedings, once the dust settles.

Interesting exercise over at Fangraphs, as they took players from 10 cellar dwelling teams to try to make a club that equals the 2011 Phillies in WAR. Sigh.

Ozzie Guillen is likely headed to Miami to manage the Marlins in exchange for two minor league prospects, but could Carlos Zambrano follow him? I imagine an Ozzie/Logan Morrison duo would probably turn out to be closer to the equivalent of adding Mentos to Coca-Cola, so what would that make an Ozzie/Carlos Zambrano duo? Whether the team is good or not in 2012, the Marlins should be plenty entertaining, especially if they decide to employ Mr. Zambrano.

Lost in the Guillen shuffle, White Sox bench coach and future managerial candidate Joey Cora (the brother of Alex) was also let go by the White Sox, apparently via text message. Cora likely will join Guillen in Florida, where he'll be Ozzie's bench coach. Oh, the drama!

Finally, speaking of the Cora brothers, Alex plans on playing 2012. His 2010 and 2011 OPS's? .544 and .540 respectively. And yet some team will probably employ him next year as a real life major league hitter and fielder.