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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 2

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Now a weekly thing!
Now a weekly thing!

Rob and I are back with Episode 2 of the Amazin' Avenue Audio podcast. Once again we aimed for a 45-minute recording time and once again we failed miserably, this time even more so than last week. Total run time is 67 minutes. The topics we covered:

  • Terry Collins's contract extension
  • Bernie Madoff clawback lawsuit news
  • Citi Field dimensional adjustments
  • Kirk "The Lurk" Nieuwenhuis
  • Mike Pelfrey's value or lack thereof
  • Old-school WWF wrestling
  • David Wright's depressing defense (thanks, Eno!)
  • Wild Card "collapses" of the Red Sox and Braves

You can listen and subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, listen to it via the embedded player below, or listen/download directly at

We welcome all feedback, and if you'd like to submit a question to the podcast mailbag you can do so at