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Mets Player Performance Meter, Week 23

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Jose, Jose, Jose, Jose... (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
Jose, Jose, Jose, Jose... (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
Getty Images

It's hard to believe that this is the last player performance meter of 2011. Although I expected the Mets to have just about the season they had, I didn't expect it to go by as quickly as it did. Just days after R.A. Dickey gave us hope of the Mets' first no-hitter, the season was over, but Jose Reyes did something no Met had done before by winning the National League batting title.

The Mets finished fourth in the National League East, winning only four of their final nine games. Their two losses against the Cardinals (and the pair of victories against Altana before that) wound up playing a big role in the Braves' failure to make the playoffs.

All stats below run from September 19 through September 28.

Player Last Week This Week Comment
Manny Acosta, RP The Acostalypse finished the year strong over four appearances and deserves a spot in the 2012 bullpen.
Miguel Batista I'm willing to bet no one had "complete-game shutout" on their list of things to expect from Batista. A nice finish to his year, and perhaps his career.
Mike Baxter Mike from Whitestone hit a home run and put together a nice finish despite a low batting average.
Jason Bay, LF Bay's season came to a quiet end, as he missed virtually all of the last nine games because he was sick.
Pedro Beato, RP It's very rarely a good thing that a pitcher's ERA is the same as his uniform number, as was the case for Beato this week.
Tim Byrdak, RP I'd guess he wishes he didn't finish the year with an 108.00 ERA over three appearances.
Chris Capuano, SP I've said it many times about him this year, but lots of strikeouts, not many walks, lots of home runs.
D.J. Carrasco, RP A poor end to a poor season.
R.A. Dickey, SP Dickey looked about as good as he ever has in his final start of the year.
Lucas Duda Let's hope he did not, in fact, suffer a concussion. Keeping him on the sidelines was obviously the smart move.
Nick Evans There were some good moments, but .211/.268/.289 was a quiet end to his year.
Dillon Gee, SP His lone start was perfectly decent: six innings, two runs.
Scott Hairston, OF As expected, Hairston's injury kept him out until the end.
Willie Harris, OF A home run and decent on-base percentage helped mask his flaws the rest of the way.
Daniel Ray Herrera After looking damn near unhittable, Herrera reminded us that he is human.
Ryota Igarashi, RP Igarashi ended what was likely his final week with the Mets with 8.44 BB/9, yet he wasn't charged with a run.
Jason Isringhausen, RP Like Hairston, Izzy ended the year without playing again.
Mike Nickeas He just didn't get enough time at the plate to judge.
Jon Niese, SP Another injured Met at the end of the year.
Angel Pagan, CF He got on base quite a bit before missing the final few games of the year.
Bobby Parnell, RP Captain Fastball ended the year with five-and-one-third scoreless innings and no walks.
Val Pascucci His home run against Cole Hamels alone would have earned him the green arrow.
Ronny Paulino, C His last week was nothing to write home about.
Mike Pelfrey, SP Big Pelf got knocked around quite a bit in his last two starts.
Jason Pridie, CF If I told you he put up a 1.084 OPS over eight games, would you believe me?
Jose Reyes, SS .433/.500/.700 with three successful stolen base attempts and two home runs. The "he's on fire!" icon was created for Reyes, and his last week-plus of the year was much like his ridiculously awesome first few months. I think the phrase is, "pay the man."
Josh Satin It's tough to critique a September call-up, but he didn't have a lot of success.
Chris Schwinden With two pretty good starts, Schwinden showed a little something.
Josh Stinson Lots of runs and walks here.
Ruben Tejada Tejada still have a lot to prove, but in this stretch he looked like a capable big league hitter.
Dale Thayer Thayer was one of the best pitchers in the bullpen. Maybe that's not saying much, but he did have a good week.
Josh Thole, C If Thole could hit like this - decent average and on-base ability - he'd be better than most catchers on the offensive side.
Justin Turner, 2B Not the best of endings for Turner.
David Wright, 3B With a triple-slash of .156/.250/.188, the player meter ends with the obligatory TRAID DAVID WRONG!