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Friday Morning Applesauce: Is It Time For Spring Training Yet?

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There wasn't a whole lot in the way of Mets news yesterday, and I guess it will probably be that way for the majority of the winter. The biggest story around here will probably be Jose Reyes and how we deal with that, and the Wall Street Journal seems to agree.  

On that front, the news recently that the Mets may be on the hook for far less than they originally thought for the Bernie Madoff case seems to be good news. Picard already had some initial payouts scheduled for the plaintiffs in the case, but those have been delayed while the trustees try to re-organize after the decision that went against them.

Sandy Alderson had nothing but good things to say about Daniel Murphy this season. It's good to see that Murph factors into the teams thinking for next season already. Exactly how he fits will also be a story to follow this winter. If nothing else, both he and Ruben Tejada have been good enough that Reese Havens shouldn't be rushed.

Around MLB

FanGraphs did a nice job putting the final day in the AL into graph form. According to the odds found at Beyond the Boxscore, seeing it happen in both leagues at the same time is something none of us are likely to ever see again (so enjoy it while you can). The Wall Street Journal also compares the Red Sox collapse to the 2007 Mets'. It does make you wonder how we'll be looking at these historically in 20 years.

Talking Chop is trying to talk Braves fans down off the ledge. It's funny how diffferent reactions tend to be when it's your team doing the collapsing.

The Red Sox may end up hunting for a new manager after this whole debacle. While the end to the season may not be laid at the feet of Francona, it does appear that both he and the Red Sox are ready to part ways.

Javier Vazquez appears to be fairly set in his decision to retire. I had always wanted him to be a Met for a season or two, as I really enjoyed watching him pitch (Yankees stints not included).  

John Sickels did a look back at the top 50 hitting prospects from 2007.  

Baseball had a good year with attendance on the whole. Hopefully the Mets will start to see a rebound in that department next year so that we're not looking at a $110 million payroll limit again.

And finally, Joe Posnanski again does some excellent work over at his blog. It's definitely worth checking out.