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Mets Daily Farm System Report 9/6 -- Val Gets the Call, Season Finito, Post-Season Looms

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*All results from games played on Monday, September 5th, 2011

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AAA - Buffalo Bisons (61-82)_______________________________________

BUFFALO 1, SCRANTON/WB 5 (Box) Big news everybody. Following last night's final game in Buffalo, Valentino Pascucci got the call to be a New York Met. Val, you remember, is a 32-year-old, 270-pound hero person. In 2004 he collected 74 plate appearances with the Expos; besides that, he's called himself a Lake Monster, Croc, Hammerhead, Senator, Oiler, Isotope, Zephyr, IronPig, Beaver, Rivershark, Marine, Bison, and now... New York Met. Taking the thruway with Val will be righty hurler Chris Schwinden and Queens native Mike Baxter, playing meaningful games in September.


  • 2B Josh Satin: .317/.381/.393 in 38 games in Buffalo -- .323/.411/.495 in 132 minor league games
  • SS Ruben Tejada: .246/.314/.353 in 54 games
  • 2B Justin Turner .300/.364/.475 in 10 games
  • RF Lucas Duda: .302/.414/.597 in 38 games
  • 1B Nick Evans: .313/.375/462 in 64 games
  • 3B Zach Lutz: DL with post-concussion symptoms (.295/.380/.500 in 61 games)
  • 1B Val Pascucci: 3-3, BB (.264/.375/.476 in 130 games)
  • SS Jordany Valdespin: 0-4, 2 K(.280/.304/.411 in 27 games in Buffalo -- .294/.333/.468 in 107 games)
  • 1B Mike Baxter: 0-4, 2 K (.188/.257/.297 in 18 games in Buffalo -- .250/336/.336 in 33 games)
  • LHP Mark Cohoon: 6 IP, 10 H, 5 ER, 0 BB, 2 K, 2 HR; (94.1 IP, 6.11, 38 BB, 51 K, 11 HR)

AA - Binghamton Mets (65-76)_____________________________________

READING 6, BINGHAMTON 2 (Box) He would have like to end strong, but stand up and cheer for Jeurys Familia's promising future. Den Dekker had a fine game, and Dykstra cracked one out. That looked pretty skimpy as cover for Reading's six runs, split evenly between Familia and Carson. 

  • 2B Reese Havens: DNP (.289/.372/.455 in 58 games)
  • 3B Eric Campbell: 2-4 (.247/.345/.343 in 126 games)
  • CF Matt Den Dekker: 3-4 (.235/.312/.426 with 91 Ks in 72 Bingo games; .265/.337/.460 with 156 Ks in 139 games)
  • 1B Allan Dykstra:1-4, R, HR(19), RBI, 2 K (.267/.389/.474 in 121 games)
  • RF Juan Lagares: 1-4, R, 2B, K (.370/.391/.512 in 38 Bingo games; .349/.383/.500 in 120 games)
  • C Kai Gronauer: 1-4, 2B, K (.251/.327/.374 in 52 games)
  • RHP Jeurys Familia: 5 IP, 7 H, 3 ER, 2 BB, 4 K (87.2 IP, 3.49, 85 H, 35 BB, 96 K, 10 HR)
  • LHP Robert Carson: 4 IP, 5 H, 3 ER, 2 BB, 3 K, 1 HR (128.1 IP, 5.05, 154 H, 55 BB, 91 K, 14 HR)

Lo-A Savannah Sand Gnats (40-30 | 80-60)__________________________________

GAME 1: SAVANNNAH 1, LEXINGTON 2 (Box) Remarkable symmetry in those round, square records, no? By tanking both halves of the twin-ball, the Gnats lost their chance at the Second Half Championship, but live to play in the postseason.


 Beaming Star of the Night 

On a night where our followed prospects went 11-49 with all of two extra base hits -- and everybody lost -- Matt Den Dekker did not strike out! Matt's 29.4% K-rate in Binghamton would suggest a disastrous AA start, as would his .235 average. But with a little pop (11 HRs in just 72 games), the 24-year-old managed a dead-average OPS+, with a .301 BABIP that will surely improve. Matty will always nick a little atmosphere, he's that kind of hitter -- but let's work on it, eh, as this is a huge drag on his game.

I started to name a star, however, before learning of Valentino Pascucci's call-up to the Bigs. The Bisons' clout king and MVP is, I suppose, a sort of supernova exploding toward our galaxy, at the end of its long life.

The famous "Val Val Val Val Val Val" chant as backdrop to, well, Val:

Stinking Goat of the Night

Most guys were more or less equally bad, and hey, I've had a pleasure filing reports on these youngsters, so full of fragile dreams . So instead of ending the season on a sour note, let's look forward to the postseason action ahead:
  • The PSL Mets square off against the Brandenton Marauders for the South Division title in the Florida State League. The winner of this 3-game set -- which starts tonight in PSL -- will look to bring the FSL crown to the South Division for the first time since 2006, when Mets were champtions.
  • With their double-loss in the double-header, the Gnats blew their chance to be second half winners. They will, however, retain home field advantage in a 3-game semi-final series beginning tomorrow night in Augusta. 
  • Brooklyn takes on Staten Island in the Subway-to-the-Ferry Series starting tonight in Brooklyn (though it looks like rain.) The winner goes on to play for the Champtionship in another 3-game set. Go and support our beloved team, and booooooooo Stinky Island!