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Marlins Are a Stupid Fish Applesauce: Watching the Mets in Miami is like listening to Will Smith's "Miami"

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Meet the Mets

Chris Capuano took a half day, but the rest of us had to slog through nine full innings of futility, as the Mets lost in front of about 200 people and one very loud stadium vendor. But hey, Jason Bay absolutely crushed a home run in the ninth, maybe the tweaks to his swing are starting to work? Also, future Head and Shoulders spokesperson Daniel Herrera continues to impress out of the pen.

Greg Prince comes to praise Joe Robbie Stadium, but also to bury it. I would not be sad if the last Met out dropped a match, by the way.

Here's your injury round-up:

Ike Davis is likely to avoid ankle surgery. See, I could have just read this article instead of having Josh Satin's pinch-hit at-bat interrupted by a pre-recorded interview. Meanwhile, Johan Santana will toss a bullpen this week and eye one more rehab start for either Savannah or St. Lucie. After that he could be MLB bound. Jon Niese, however, is not MLB bound, as he is recovering slowly from his abdominal strain.

With Buffalo's season over, the Mets have called up three more Bisons, who I guess now compose about 70 percent of the roster. The call-ups are Mike Baxter, Valentino Pasccuci and Chris Schwinden. Schwinden is currently scheduled to make his first major league start on Thursday. If you would like to get to know Mr. Schwinden, here's a Ted Berg interview from July.

Now that the minor league season is over, Adam Rubin has all your Mets leaders in one handy dandy list.

Howard Megdal interviews Howard Johnson, who spent the weekend playing alongside his son. 

Around the NL East

Cliff Lee was masterful as the Phillies disposed of the Braves.

The Nationals bats weren't on holiday, as they pounded the Dodgers and Hiroki Kuroda.


Around MLB

Zach Stewart, who also has awesome hair, took a perfect game into the eighth, before Danny Valencia broke it up with a double. The White Sox still won to sweep a doubleheader against the Twins. Former Met prospect Phillip Humber got the win in Game One, his first start since taking a comebacker off his eye a couple weeks ago.

It was a day full of good pitching performances. Doug Fister, he of the career 5.23 K/9, struck out 13 against the Indians. But the big news out of Detroit was, of course, the return of the Thunder God. 

In Tampa, James Shields notched his eleventh complete game of the year, as the Rays beat the first place Rangers.

Madison Bumgarner didn't quite finish the ninth, but did otherwise demolish the Padres line-up. Unfortunately, the Giants didn't gain any ground on the Dbacks who keep rolling along.

Jesus Montero had a big game for the Yankees, so expect the Joba-like overreaction to begin posthaste.

Fangraphs talks trading Michael Young. Well, it will give him something else to whine about in the offseason at least. Keeping it in Texas, over at Baseball Nation, Rob Neyer kicks off the Adrian Beltre HoF debate a few years early.

Beyond the Boxscore looks at subjectivity in advanced fielding metrics.

Then there is this supremely weird story about Jeremy Jerome Williams. I'm sure Beltran is somehow to blame for this.