Trading for Jeter

Hi everyone this is my first post lol.

So I have a suggestion and I hope people dont get mad bc everyone hates the Skankees and so do I but however I think that WIMP-ONs wont pay any money to Jose Reyes this year and we are going to need a short stop.  I am sorry Adam Rubin Tejada lol but he is just not that good.  Anyway what the mets have never had is a WINNER only WHINERS lol and even tho I hate him and I hat the Skankees, Jeter is a winner come on you have to admit.

So I hope Sandy Anderson who is very smart and should be able to realize this.  And I hate to say it but the Skankees are probably going to sign Reyes,  Why wouldnt they? I would and so would you so they will.  So Jeter will probably play 1B for them or 2B but he only wants to play SS and wants to play in NY so he will want to come here.


unfortunitely you cant get something for nothing so I think they should trade a starting pitcher for him,. Since the Skankees need a starting pitcher and even tho MEts dont have extras they can trade an old one like Dickey for Jeter. I know I know Jeter is old too so it is oldfor old but Jeter like I said is a winner not a whiner and he can change the Mets coulture.


And since they wont be signing Reyes maybe the can sign a pitcher to replace Dickey.  Everyone wins.  I think this is a good deal what do you think?


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