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This Week In SNY, Featuring El Bloombito, Kevin Burkhardt's Paparazzi, And Keith Hernandez Shenanigans

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Welcome to This Week In SNY, where checking in with Kevin is like checking in with heaven.

Monday, August 29th

Hizzoner Michael Bloomberg stopped by the booth in the aftermath of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene:


El Bloombito added "Yo estoy rootiendo para Los Mets to beato Los Marlins".

Tuesday, August 30th

Let's check in with Kevin! Earlier this season, Kevin was yucking it up with John Leguizamo. This time it was Twitter machine Logan Morrison who had KB in stitches during the pregame show:


I think it was the old "pull my finger" routine.

A bearded Matt Cerrone of Metsblog appeared in his regular television spot:


Here is a transcript of the appearance:

This week on, the guys and I will be answering all sorts of questions and debating the road ahead for the Mets. Talking a lot about Angel Pagan, Lucas Duda, Bobby Parnell and Mike Pelfrey. Also, I’ll have exclusive video from Toby Hyde’s trip to St. Lucie, where he shot footage of Brandon Nimmo and Zack Wheeler, and talked with Sandy Alderson. So, be sure to log-on to check out, and keep up to date on everything that’s happening, all day, everyday, on presented by Verizon.

A surefire way to make TWISNY -- sit next to Kevin Burkhardt and make a ridiculous face:


Congratulations, kid, you are a legend to the literally dozens of TWISNY readers.

It's time to make the donuts:


TWISNY guesses the following donut preferences for GKR:

Gary: Prefers munchkins, but only glazed or chocolate; anything with filling is unacceptable
Keith: Jelly donut
Ron: French Cruller

Listen up paparazzi, we understand that Kevin is a huge star now, but could you please give the man some room to work?:


If this keeps up, KB's bodyguard might have to get involved:


An anonymous SNY employee forwarded the following unintentionally sexual quote of the game, courtesy of Keith Hernandez:

That was one of the few times that I went down on the knob longer; I usually choked up a half-inch.

Wednesday, September 1st

We'll close with some more Keith shenanigans. Keith spent some time sitting behind home plate. Can you spot him?:


He was later joined by a "couple of beer drinkers":


After he moved to the third base photographer's bunker, Chip Hale tossed a foul ball into the stands and it fell to Keith. He had some fun with the fans begging for it:

The kids fight for the ball


Keith snags it


Keith taunts the younglings


Keith throws it up for grabs (it's blurry but trust us)


It's caught!


Do the right thing


That's all for now. Send any tips or suggestions to