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Thursday Morning Applesauce: Mets selling minority shares + 2 more years of Selig = Wilpon sigh of relief

The Adam Rubin lobby is abuzz with the rumors that the Mets are close to finalizing the sale of four minority shares of the club for 20 million dollars each. That would constitute a total of 80 million dollars for 16% of the ballclub. While these minority shares aren't really coming with many perks it does appear the the Wilpons are selling awfully cheap out of sheer desperation.

There is some good news for the pro-Wilpon crowd to revel in today. Long time Wilpon fan Bud Selig has been granted a two year contract extension by MLB owners. I doubt this move is the most popular with many fans (especially Mets fans), but the owners seem to feel he's still the man for the job.

The Mets made a few signing official yesterday, adding both Miguel Batista and Fernando Cabrera on minor league deals. It appears that the Mets are done adding players to their 40 man roster ahead of spring training but I'd fully expect a few more of these types of moves. If any free agent starting pitchers out there are reading this, the Mets would probably be a pretty smart place to shop your services if you fit this mold.

We all realize by now that Fernando Martinez has been claimed by the Astros. We also had John Sickels retrospective linked on the front page but I felt it was worth linking to again anyway.

At one point this offseason it appeared that Ryan Madsen was going to get 44 million dollars guaranteed by the phoolish Ruben Amaro Jr. Amaro then paid even more for Papelbon. Now Madsen has signed on for the Reds for 1 year and 8.5 million dollars. Silly, silly Phillies...

Rockies prospect Russell Wilson has decided to pursue a football career over one in baseball. Considering his struggles to hit in the low minors that was probably the correct decision.

Finally for today we have a piece from BtB on power hitters and clutch rating. I wonder what Mike Francesa would have to say about that...