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Upcoming: Player Profiles

I've been a writer at Amazin' Avenue for a little over a year now, which still seems a little hard to believe. I officially came on board at the conclusion of the 2010 season, just in the nick of time to participate in the 2011 Amazin' Avenue Annual. Participating in the creation of that book, even in a relatively minor role, was an awesome experience. The fact that the book had chapters from writers like Joe Posnanski and was on real-life shelves at Barnes & Noble was something that I hadn't thought I would get to do in writing about baseball.

In case you missed it, there will be no 2012 version of the book, but as Eric points out in the announcement, our creation of content will be focused on this website. My contributions last year consisted mainly of writing a good portion of the player profiles, each of which contained some background on each player on the roster, what he did last year, and what might be expected of him this year. I also compiled some data of interest and turned it over to the great Justin Bopp of Beyond the Box Score, who turned that data into a visually-appealing graph for each profile.

Beginning next week, I'll start a series of player profiles leading up to spring training. What's great about the profiles is that their format from the book translates very easily to the web. I'll attempt to cover each player on the twenty-five man roster, and if that goes according to plan over the next few weeks, the last one should appear right around the time that spring training is getting underway.

I can't promise that the series will end up as well as it did in the book, but after getting the opportunity to write here and take part in that project last year, the least I can do is continue that work here on the website.