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Sandwich Expert Proclaims Mets 94 Win Team Applesauce: Classless Mets Get Outbid for Cody Ross, Classless Applesauce Writer Uses Misleading Headline

ITBSOHL~! (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
ITBSOHL~! (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Meet the Mets

Matthew Callan can breathe a bit easier as Cody Ross has elected to sign with the Boston Red Sox. The Mets may or may not have actually been in on Ross, but they certainly weren't going to spend 3 million dollars on him. Well, one would hope. Anyway, he's a good fit for the Sox, who definitely need an outfielder that can mash lefties.

ITBSOHL WATCH: Chris Young. Alderson has also said he is interested in bringing the epically tall righthander back this season on a minor league deal. I don't know how they are going to find enough minutes at the 5 for both Young and Jon Rauch, though.

Anthony DiComo answers your Mets questions over at I mean, not your questions per se, as I'd like to think our readership can answer all those questions themselves pretty easily. I will point out that DiComo failed to mention Matt Den Dekker as a potential future CF in Flushing. He's not as good a prospect as Lagares or Puello, but there is little doubt that he is an above average defensive CF in the bigs. Don't know that you can say that about any of the other Mets OF prospects.

Ted Berg is projecting the Mets for 94 wins everybody! Okay, only kind of, but still, I am holding him to this. You are on the record, Berg. Meanwhile, Toby Hyde rubs salt in this Niners fan's wounds.

The 2012 Mets will have to find someone else to construct their postgame shaving cream pies, as Willie Harris has signed with the Reds. I think this is probably going to fall to Justin Turner.

Around MLB

The Orioles are in on Prince Fielder? Maybe they were the mystery team. Or maybe Scott Boras is just leaking things to drive his price up. I know which one I think is more likely. More Orioles news, as they have actually for real signed Wilson Betimet. He is a useful little player, but I don't know that he gets the O's all that close to even fourth place in the East.

Applesauce is Oriolesauce today, apparently as Orioles pitcher Brian Matusz has taken this whole "In the Best Shape Of His Life" thing maybe a bit too far and has become a completely "different human."

Jim Crane held his first press conference as Astros owner and hinted that he might change the team's name before the move to the AL. Well, that's marketing 101 right there. Maybe he is just doing this to distract everyone from the fact that his new team is flat broke.

Future Hall of Famer Omar Vizquel has signed a minor league deal with the Blue Jays. And yes, I am just trolling Keith Law with that "Future Hall of Famer" epithet. He's getting in, though. The Blue Jays are also close to an extension with Brandon Morrow.

At Fangraphs, Dave Allen takes a look at how next year's banner class will effect the Hall of Fame voting. And Beyond the Box Score, takes a look at the crazy peak of Wes Ferrell

And Now, Your Daily Mets Highlight to Tide You Over Until Spring Training: Josh Thole Walk-Off Home Run

Thole flashing some of that 30 power. He also practically sprints around the bases, so he must not have thought it was going out either.

And Your Non-Baseball Link of the Day: Radiolab- "Mutant Rights"

I was going to link to their most recent full episode, which is everything I love about Radiolab, but it is incredibly depressing and the last segment is very NSFW, so here's one of my favorite shorts about how the true nature of the X-Men was decided by the federal government. Seriously.