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Paul DePodesta On Clubhouse Confidential (Video)

Paul DePodesta was on MLB Network's Clubhouse Confidential with Brian Kenny this evening, which is great. What's not so great is that there was hardly any new ground covered. Kenny asked a lot about how DePodesta got into the baseball business — he played baseball and football at Harvard and his first job out of school was with a Canadian Football League team before joining the Indians — and about his time with Billy Beane in Oakland. They talked about the book and the movie Moneyball and DePodesta's roles therein, including his decision to request that his name be redacted from the motion picture. They wrapped up with a general question about DePo's time with the Mets and the overall plan here, with Kenny promising to ask more Mets-centric questions the next time they get together.

I always enjoy hearing DePodesta in conversation like this, I only wish they had focused a bit more on unasked and unanswered questions instead of these well-trodden topics.

You can watch the video of DePo's segment after the jump.