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Friday Morning Applesauce: Mets Looking At Ankiel, Could Have Record Payroll Drop

While there is some optimism around these parts that the Mets will be relatively fun to watch even if they don't have much in the way of on field success, the franchise does seem poised to land itself in the record books for something this year regardless. The Mets look poised to drop their payroll by the largest amount in the history of the game this offseason. Hopefully this will simply leave the new owner* plenty of flexibility when the Wilpons are told to get out.

*Fingers crossed, fingers crossed, fingers crossed

Speaking of the Wilpons, they filed a motion in court yesterday. Picard is expected to counter. Nothing will come of it and we'll still have a trial in March. Yay. I have to give the Daily News credit, they really picked a hell of a picture of old Freddie.

The Mets are reportedly still looking to add to their payroll but not at a level that would stop them from breaking any records. Today's player of choice appears to be Rick Ankiel. Yay.

Howard Megdal had a piece up the other day about Gary Carter. After John Franco was confirmed to be entering the Mets Hall Of Fame yesterday it seems an appropriate time to link it.

Finally for today, FanGraphs looks at the Tim Lincecum contract and wonders if he's taking too large a risk. Food for thought: Timmah is now scheduled to become a free agent at the same time Johan Santana and Jason Bay come off the books. I'd call it an unlikely signing if Alderson is still in charge, but you just never know what will happen with the Wilpon situation being so cloudy.