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Brought to You by the Letter 'P' Applesauce: Projections, Podcasts, and Prep Players

Mama, don't let your children grow up to pitch for Rice University.  (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)
Mama, don't let your children grow up to pitch for Rice University. (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)
Getty Images

21 more days...21 more days...21 more days...

Meet the Mets

Toby Hyde kicks off his Top 41 prospects list with prep outfielder Joe Tuschak. Seems like a reasonable spot for the toolsy high school centerfielder, but I'm less high on him then most, as I just don't know if he hits enough to make the majors, and I don't think he has the ceiling of a Marquez even if he does.

Rotographs attempts to project Ike Davis and comes up with what I think is a reasonable stat line. I might give him a tick less BA and a tick more power, but Davis is a pretty volatile projection. You factor in the injury and his hot start to 2011 and then decide how much weight to give either in regards to his 2012 performance. Not an easy task. He is definitely one of those guys that is less valuable in fantasy baseball than in real baseball, since he derives a chunk of value from walks and defense.

Ken Oberkfell will be managing in the independent league this year after he was dropped by the Mets. Kind of weird that he couldn't catch on with another organization. It seems like only a few years ago he was poised to be an MLB manager somewhere.

Around the Majors

The Brisbee takes a look at the quiet offseason of the Atlanta Braves. Look, Fredi Gonzalez was just too busy trying to figure out more ways to screw up Jason Heyward. That takes like 90% of his time. If that is not enough Braves talk for you, take a listen to the most recent Mostly Mets podcast featuring Braves fan, Hardball Talk writer, and bourbon aficianado Craig Calcaterra.

Despite reports that he is close to a deal with the Cardinals, Roy Oswalt is set to meet with the Rangers brass today. Apparently the Rangers want to collect all the pitchers, all of them.... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Or they just prefer to move Feliz back to the pen or something. I don't know. I have no idea what having seven legitimate major league starters on your roster is like.

Zack Greinke is willing to talk extension with the Brewers, despite not currently having an agent. In related news, Zack Greinke is just kind of a weird dude. That said, Grienke was kind of unlucky last year and still have a very, very good season, but I don't know if the Brewers have the cash to lock him up long term, as I don't see him taking less than Jered Weaver money. But again, he's an odd fellow, so who knows.

The A's are not uninterested in Manny Ramirez, because why not? Make your own new moneyball/market inefficiency joke in the comments if you like.

Former Mets Prospect and Johan Santana trade piece Phil Humber is looking forward to Spring Training and plans to lock down a spot in the White Sox rotation. I can't help but root for him, as he's had a long path to the majors and that curveball was always a thing of beauty.

And Now, Your Mets Highlight of the Day to Tide You Over Until Spring Training: Jeurys Familia strikes out 10.

This is why you should be excited about Familia. Because when the slider is working, he does stuff like this.

And Your Non-Baseball Article of the Day: "I Hit Hamlet"

Nicol Williamson died last month, though it was only recently confirmed and reported. He was a thoroughly amazing actor and arguably the best Hamlet of this century (yes, even better than Gielgud, who, granted, didn't have to act opposite Marianne Faithful). He was also an arrogant, tempermental drunk who died flat broke. This New Yorker piece from a few years ago takes a look back at his demented genius, and I think is a fitting tribute to the thespian.