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Report: Darryl Strawberry's Ex-Wife Can't Touch $800K Owed by Mets

It looks like Bobby Bonilla isn't the only New York Mets alum enjoying a golden parachute from his former club.

TMZ reported earlier this morning that Darryl Strawberry's ex-wife endured a setback in her attempt to claim $800,000 from her husband in court. I'm not about to get into the gossip barrage involving Strawberry and his ex, but it's probably worth noting where TMZ says why she her claim on the money is on shaky ground:

Darryl Strawberry's ex-wife just suffered a massive setback in court -- after a judge ordered she can't touch $800,000 in Mets money Darryl earned in the 80s ... until the IRS gets its cut.

According to court docs, Darryl has an arrangement with the Mets, in which the ball club pays him $8,891 a month as delayed compensation for his time with the team.

Yep. According to TMZ, the Mets still pay their former superstar $8,891 a month for services rendered while he was still a player. (That's $106,692 a year for those of you without ready access to a calculator.) The report also indicates that it's unclear how much the Mets still owe Strawberry.

Look at the bright side. If the Mets could go now back in time to like 1990, they'd already have an All-Star right fielder and All-Star third baseman on the payroll from that era to take with them.