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Thursday morning applesauce: Mets make a pair of signings, Citifield still not the official host for the all star game

The big news of the day for Mets fans is clearly the signings of impact talents Jeff Stevens and Corey Wimberly. Both players are probably likely to start the season in AAA Buffalo, although I can see Stevens having a chance to stick if he can harness his inner Heath Bell and translate his impressive minor league numbers to the majors. Rising Apple took a little more of a look at Stevens yesterday.

Citifield has long been believed to be the eventual destination of the 2013 all star game, but to date nothing has been made official. While MLB would be giving NY fans a treat by sending the game our way I'd much rather just have them get rid of our ownership group and replace it with a decent one.

We had a piece about this on the front page yesterday, but it turns out that the Mets are still paying Darryl Strawberry from his playing days. I really wonder if there are any other franchises out there in this same boat or if we're alone in this situation.

Al Yellon took a little look at some more of the problems involved with the current Hall of Fame voting process. I don't love his solution to the problem, but it's certainly a better idea than the current format.

Joe Torre resigned from his post with MLB yesterday. He's reportedly looking into buying the LA Dodgers franchise. This strikes me as a move that Bud Selig would love.

And finally, the Marlins made another move to their roster yesterday. They took on the bloated Carlos Zambrano and his salary yesterday in exchange for Chris Volstad. The Cubs will reportedly pay the majority of Zambrano's salary next season.