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Spring Weather in Early January Applesauce: Dickey Writes About Kilimanjaro, Cyclones Alumni in the Majors, Posada to Retire

For some reason it reached 60 degrees on Saturday. In January. It made me yearn for spring. We're almost there, everybody (well maybe not, but if you keep thinking that we're close to spring, maybe you can trick yourself into believing it!).

Meet the Mets & Around the Majors

R.A. Dickey is currently climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and he's also writing about his travels for the New York Times. Unbelievable. I was exhausted after walking on the treadmill at the gym yesterday. Meanwhile, Dickey's climbing mountains and writing for the Times at the same time. Also, for those of you into that sort of thing, his piece is rife with Hobbit references. Keep safe, RA and happy travels!

Seedlings to Stars put together a list of Brooklyn Cyclones alumni to play in the majors and lets just say it's not a pretty list. Hmm...I wonder what ever happened to Danny Garcia. Here's hoping Ike Davis and Lucas Duda bust out and prop that list up a bit.

Here's an aerial picture of the right field changes at Citi Field, via the WCBS 880 chopper. I foresee many home runs landing in that area (although the Mets are snakebitten, so maybe not).

The Angels and Howie Kendrick agreed to a four year extension, worth $33.5 million. Kendrick is coming off a career best 5.8 fWAR season but this seems to be a pretty friendly deal for the Angels.

It sounds like longtime Yankees catcher Jorge Posada is going to announce his retirement very soon. I shouldn't be surprised but the unwarranted "is he a Hall of Famer" talk has already started, likely due to his True Yankee™ status. I'll answer the question for you, HOF voters and writers: no. Over at Fangraphs, Jeff Zimmerman took a look at Bernie Williams' bid and it looks like he and Jorge are in the same boat.

Finally, Baseball Nation's Jason Brannon put together a pronunciation guide for sabermetricians. The last one sums it up pretty well.