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Terry Collins Tells Us That The Entire Mets Coaching Staff Will Be Back In 2013

Terry Collins told the media on Monday that there will be no changes made to the Mets coaching staff for 2013.

Brad Penner-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

With only three games remaining for the 2012 version of the Mets, there was certain to be talk about the status of the team's coaching staff for 2013. Terry Collins mentioned the subject to the media today, and he made it clear that there will not be any changes made to the Mets coaching staff next season:

It would have been fair to speculate on some changes after the performance of the team following the All-Star break, but Sandy Alderson appears to be happy enough with the performance of the coaching staff to bring them all back for spring training. There is always the chance that changes will have to be made if a member of the staff takes a job for another team, but unless that happens it appears that the coaching staff will remain intact.

The current New York Mets coaching staff is as follows:

Manager: Terry Collins
Batting Coach: Dave Hudgens
Pitching Coach: Dan Warthen
First Base Coach: Tom Goodwin
Third Base Coach: Tim Teufel
Bench Coach: Bob Geren
Bullpen Coach: Ricky Bones
Bullpen Catcher: Dave Racaniello

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