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Mets Morning News: If David Wright Had $100 Million, He'd Be Really Rich

Your collection of Mets news and links for Wednesday morning. Below, you'll find that the Mets are preparing a $100 million offer for David Wright! Hooray!

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Meet the Mets

Jon Heyman reported on Tuesday that the Mets are preparing an initial offer to David Wright that lands somewhere in the $100 million range. That's probably not enough to get Wright to sign on the dotted line right now but let's not forget that these are negotiations, after all. The Mets aren't going to lay their best offer on the table off the bat. Also in the Heyman article is a note about the team's plans for R.A. Dickey, which make it seem like a trade may be likely unless Dickey signs well below his market price. Hmm.

Matthew Cerrone reported on Tuesday that Mets' minor leaguer Bradley Marquez may be giving up football (he plays at Texas Tech) to concentrate on baseball full time. Marquez, an overslot 16th round draft pick out of a Texas high school in 2011, is extremely raw as a baseball player but has outstanding tools and athletic ability. This would be great news.

With the Mets hoping to transfer some of the team's debt to SNY, how does this effect the payouts they will ultimately receive from such a plan?

The November 1st benefit for Shannon Forde has added VIPs in pitcher Matt Harvey, former manager Willie Randolph and former utility man Joe McEwing.

Carlos Beltran credited playing in New York City for his postseason success. A nice compliment from the greatest hitter in Major League Baseball postseason history. Straight to the monkey, no research!

Which lefty relievers should the Mets look at? Rising Apple takes a look at some of the free agent options. has a look into Andres Torres' background and how he got into baseball late as kid, despite growing up in baseball-obsessed Puerto Rico.

Yesterday At AA

Here's AA's take on the Mets' upcoming contract offer to David Wright.

Zack Wheeler is one of a few Mets prospects to make John Sickels' preliminary prospect list.

This Date In Mets History for October 9th

Matthew Callan steps into the wayback machine with video from Mets Opening Day 1972.

Around the Playoffs

Scott Rolen made a key error in the 10th inning to snap a 1-1 tie, as the Giants defeated the Reds 2-1 to force a game four in their NLDS series. Behind Brett Anderson, the A's beat the Tigers 2-0 to force a game four in the ALDS. Take a look at what Coco Crisp did last night.

Wednesday features a full slate of games, starting with the Nationals and Cardinals at 1:00 PM playing game three. At 4 PM, the Giants and Reds play their fourth game. The Orioles and Yankees face off in New York at 7:30 PM. Finally, the A's and Tigers play at 9:30 PM.

Around the Majors

The Yankees' train broke down early in the morning on the way back to New York.

Surprise! Jason Giambi may be a candidate for the Rockies' managerial job.

David Ortiz may be 37 but the Red Sox are making it a priority to re-sign their long time designated hitter this offseason.

Want to buy the document banning Pete Rose from baseball? Well, now you can! I don't know why you'd want it but history!