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Mets Morning News: Mets Should Target Martin, That Other NY Team Wins In 12

New York Mets related news and links for October 11, 2012.

Elsa - Getty Images

It was a slow news day in Mets-land, but Joel Sherman got a discussion started about whether or not the Mets should be targeting Yankees catcher Russell Martin. I've always been a fan of Martin, so signing him to a reasonable deal would be just fine by me.

This isn't necessarily Mets related, but here's a good read about the proposed soccer stadium to be built in Corona Park.

Around Baseball:

We'll start in the division, where the Nationals got pounded by Carlos Beltran and the Cards, and are now facing elimination from the post-season. #BlameBeltran

The Yankees won a thriller last night, as Joe Girardi's decision to pinch hit for A-rod paid off. The Orioles will now have to win two games in a row at Yankee tee-ball park to advance in the post season.

After starting pitcher Barry Zito had to be pulled early, bullpen fodder Tim Lincecum came in and pitched the Giants to the win. Weird. This series is now tied at two.

In the last game of the day, the A's also forced a Game 5 with a win against the Tigers.

If you're a fan of relievers that don't strike out batters, you might be in luck. Jesse Litsch has hit the market after declining an assignment to the minor leagues.