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Mets Morning News: Selfish Beltran hits all the postseason home runs

Mets Morning News is being rebranded (again). Now we're Carlos Beltran News. Mostly because Carlos Beltan is selfishly hogging all the news.

Christian Petersen - Getty Images

Meet the Mets

Angel Pagan and Carlos Beltran talked about their time with the Mets in the New York Post.

Mets prospect Bradley Marquez suffered a major knee injury playing for Texas Tech this past weekend and will miss the rest of the NCAA season. I hate two-sport deals.

Land of Hope and Dreams

The Yankees are down 2-0 in the ALCS after being shut out by Annibal Sanchez and Phil Coke. That's not good. Also not good, being able to describe one's offense as Dee Gordonesque. Robinson Cano hasn't been helping either. The human element also reared its ugly head in this one. Something something robot umps.

Tony Bennett may have left his heart in San Francisco, but selfish Beltran only leaves baseballs there. The Cardinals chased Madison Bumgarner with six runs early and then held on to take Game One of the NLCS 6-4.

Over at Baseball Prospectus, Mike Ferrin's tries to suss out exactly why Melky Cabrera isn't on the Giants' roster for the NLCS.

Yesterday at AA

Brock Mahan celebrated the 32nd anniversary of the Mets first Gold Glove. Probably won't be adding to that tally this year.

And Eric Simon delved into the numbers to find out who was the most patient Mets hitter in 2012.

Around MLB

I regularly rave in the Morning News about David Laurila's FanGraphs interviews. His most recent one, talking with Brian Anderson about his approach against Derek Jeter, is definitely worth a look.

Also at FanGraphs, Eric Seidman discusses the possible availability of the Diamondback's Chris Young. He would certainly fill a need for the Mets, that of potentially above-average major league outfielder, but he's not likely to come cheap.

At Beyond the Box Score, James Gentile examines whether blowing a big lead affects future team performance in the same game.

And finally, the Red Sox quest for another scapegoat manager continues. Boston has interviews with De Marlo Hale and Tony Pena in the queue. Yes, that Tony Pena.