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Mets Morning News: Fare Thee Well, Generation K

Izzy hangs up the spikes, Holliday spikes Scutaro, and Jim Leyland wears a stove pipe hat. All this and more in Mets Morning News.

Paul Bereswill - Getty Images

Meet the Mets

Toby Hyde checks in with some of the bigger Mets prospect names in Fall and Winter ball.

Faith and Fear writes about a bad couple of days for the 1986 Mets.

And it looks like Jason Isringhausen will probably be retiring. What a long, strange trip it's been for Generation K.

Land of Hope and Dreams

The Giants bounced back with a 7-1 victory to even up their series with the Cardinals. Ryan Vogelsong managed to shut down all the non-Carlos-Beltran parts of the St. Louis offense, and San Francisco got to Chris Carpenter early. During the game Matt Holliday injured Marco Scutaro with a take-out slide at second base. Clean? Dirty? Legal or not, I'm sure it will dominate the off day news cycle.

Speaking of off-day news cycles, the Yankees offense got plenty of water cooler talk in the media. Howard Megdal ponders where the Yankees' bats have gone. Baseball Analytics breaks down Robinson Cano's postseason slump. And finally, perhaps Brett Gardner will be a spark plug for the Bronx Bombers.

FanGraphs wonders if something is wrong with Madison Bumgarner.

Over at Baseball Prospectus, Ben Lindbergh examines Jim Leyland's comments on the bullpen management and the closer mentality.

The Platoon Advantage reminds Nationals' fans that whatever doesn't kill you will inevitably become part of fan lore.

Will Leitch defends his beloved St. Louis Cardinals over at Sports on Earth. Normally I would be rooting for anyone but the Redbirds, but you can blame Beltran for my relative neutrality here.

And Jay Jaffe takes a look at how Carlos Beltran's ridiculous postseason stats affect his Hall of Fame credentials.

And finally, Ted Berg contemplates the sad and lonely life of Nick Swisher.

Yesterday at AA

Brock Mahan reminisced about one of the most underrated awesome games in Mets history, Game 6 of the 1986 NLCS.

And Rob Castellano looked at how the St. Lucie pitchers did this year and gave us a post-mortem on the offseason Pagan for Torres trade.

Around MLB

At Baseball Nation, Rob Neyer looks at some possible fixes for the infield fly rule. Tom Tango has his own ideas as well.

The BBWAA announced the release schedule for their 2012 awards. The NL Cy Young will be announced on November 14th. Happy Dickey Day?

FanGraphs have started their contact crowdsourcing project with the 2012 free agent catchers. Kelly Shoppach is among the names.

Beyond the Box Score looks at whether or not Ricky Romero can be fixed.

And finally, I will just present this without comment. Okay, one comment: Leyland looked exactly as old and grizzled in the 1980s apparently.