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Today in Mets eBay Superlatives: Grission, embodied

Sometimes eBay's depths can be plumbed for spectacular treasures; other times, for some of the most ridiculous objects available. Here we're mostly interested in the latter.

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Chris Trotman

Since Pick 6 is over for the winter already, we had to come up with a new way for me to bug you on a mostly-daily basis, and what we've come up with is something I'm tentatively titling "Today in Mets eBay Superlatives." Basically, anything that I find on eBay that's at least tangentially Mets-related, that's either The Best or hilariously awful, will be eligible for the series.

Today in the first post, I want to stay in the realm of "funny, but not completely absurd," just because I think we should start out easy before we fully descend into chaos. So I bring you this, the finest of all the autographed cardsthat I have so far found.


There's not a lot of information about this card on the sale page. Golden Moments appears to be a series, but exactly what the Golden Moment involving Justin Turner could be remains a mystery. Based on the fact that the card says "THAT'LL LEAVE A MARK" and my knowledge of Turner's career, I have to assume that it involves him being hit by a pitch. But there are some other options, as well.

  • Setting the Mets record for most groundouts to the shortstop in a single game, with "all of them"
  • Hitting someone in the face with a pie for the 100th time in his career
  • Trolling everyone by somehow only hitting competently in high leverage situations

So if you're looking to drop $5 on a trading card, this is probably the best you're going to manage.