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This Week In SNY, Featuring Gary And Ron Ripping Heath Bell, Santa At The Ballpark, And A Vote On Your Favorite Sideline Reporter

A semi-weekly look at the goings-on at SNY, the Mets' television home.

Jim McIsaac

We've arrived at the final edition of TWISNY for 2012. It's been a fun year, regardless of the Mets' record, and for that we thank Gary, Keith, Ron, Kevin, Ralph, and everyone at SNY for providing a generally pleasant viewing experience. Check in over the next few weeks for TWISNY season-in-review posts. We're writing this from just outside the SNY mothership in New York City:



Sunday, September 23rd

Let's check in with CJ! Kevin Burkhardt was off calling a Dallas Cowboys game on the radio and CJ Papa filled in for him, fresh off the Nantucket ferry:


Looking dapper CJ! Also of note: the picker in the bottom left corner.

Now is a good time to vote on your favorite sideline reporter of the season. The choices:

A. Kevin Burkhardt


B. Eamon McAnaney


C. CJ Papa


D. Tiffany Simons


Vote in the poll below!

Bless you, guy-who-attends-the-game-dressed-as-Santa-Claus, bless you:


Monday, September 24th

Gary Cohen has never been shy about sharing which players he is not fond of. Hanley Ramirez and B.J. Upton come to mind. Add Heath Bell to that list. Here is a transcript of a pointed discussion between Gary and Ron Darling about the portly Marlins reliever and the Marlins in general:

Gary Cohen: The Marlins just left town and we were talking over the weekend about Heath Bell. In addition to having a poor season, he'd thrown just about everybody in the organization under the bus. Today he went on a radio show and said of Ozzie Guillen: "It's hard to respect a guy that doesn't tell you the truth, or doesn't tell you face-to-face." Make it one more Marlin thrown under the bus by Heath Bell. Heath would throw himself under the bus but he probably wouldn't fit.

Ron Darling: Sometimes it's hard to respect a guy who's stealing $12 million. C'mon. I've heard enough from him. He should have just concentrated on his pitching.

Gary Cohen: The problem Heath has is that he doesn't have a friend in that organization. They would get rid of him in a heartbeat if they could. But it's hard with that big contract he's lugging around.

Ron Darling: It's not like he's going to change if he goes to some other organization.

Gary Cohen: I know that the Mets have had a very rough second half. But you could see the difference in attitude over the weekend between these two ballclubs, the Mets and the Marlins. The Marlins have the look of a team that wants no part of the rest of the season.

Gary and Ron, coming in hot! There haven't been meaningful games in September for many seasons, but there are always meaningful broadcasts in September.

Let's check in with Kevin! Kevin tweeted about Jenrry Mejia's start against the Pirates, using the word of the day:


Friday, September 27th

It's time for this season's final Nitpicking With TWISNY. SNY put up a graphic of Mets 20-game winners and whiffed on the year of Dwight Gooden's achievement. It was 1985, not 1984.


Although praise to SNY for not abbreviating R.A. Dickey as "R. Dickey." This has been Nitpicking With TWISNY.

Monday, October 1st

Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria was at the ballpark, showing off the decoder ring he received for sending in 10 Cookie Crisp cereal box tops:


That's all for now. We'll end with a retro shot of Ralph Kiner looking cool (those last two words are redundant). Thank you for reading.