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Mets Morning News: Dickey Has Surgery, Yankees Get Swept

New York Mets related news and links for October 19, 2012.

Mike Stobe

One of the amazing things about the season that R.A. Dickey just had is that he pitched a good amount of it while dealing with an injury. He had surgery on Thursday to correct the problem, and it looks like he'll be good to go for spring training. Hopefully he doesn't re-aggrevate anything when he's lifting the Cy Young Award.

Over at Baseball Nation, they had a look at the Mets' player of the year. Here's a hint, it's not Justin Turner.

Yesterday at AA:

Eric put out the question of whether or not you'd be willing to TRAID five seasons of Ruben Tejada for five seasons of A-Rod. It's certainly an interesting question.

Steve continued his look at the international market with Takashi Toritani.

Around MLB:

There was one series that ended yesterday, as the Yankees were swept by the Detroit Tigers. FanGraphs took a look at the decision to sit Alex Rodriguez down in the ALCS.

The NLCS will go on for at least one more night, the Cards now lead 3-1 after winning again last night. #BlameBeltran

Finally for today, John Sickels looked back at the stars of the 2012 season to see how he had them graded as prospects.