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Mets Morning News: Let's Play Seven

The NLCS goes the distance, Shohei Otani tests the MLB waters, and a free Tim Lincecum is available to good home.

Ezra Shaw

This Traaaaaaaaain

Ryan Vogelsong baffled the Cardinals for seven innings to send the NLCS the distance. The Giants would seem to have the advantage going into the deciding game, as they will throw Matt Cain against Kyle Lohse. The Cardinals also may be without Matt Holliday, who was scratched from Game 6 with back stiffness

The Tigers have announced their World Series rotation, and it's about what you would expect.

Around MLB

Japanese high schooler Shohei Otani has announced his intention to sign with a major league team, following in the footsteps of Junichi Tazawa. Unlike Tazawa, Otani is a serious prospect, featuring near triple-digit heat on occasion. Patrick Newman of NPB tracker has the scouting report. Otani will count against the 2012 IFA cap, so the Mets are probably unlikely to be serious bidders, as they spent more than half of their allotment on Amed Rosario back in July.

Tim Lincecum will reportedly be on the trading block this offseason. He's coming off the worst season of his career and is owed 22 million for 2013. Not exactly selling high here.

The Jays and Red Sox have finished working out the compensation package for John Farrell. The Blue Jays will recieve Mike Aviles and the Red Sox also get RHP David Carpenter. See, it's not that hard you guys. Why did it take you six months to figure out the Epstein compensation? Here's some more on Mike Aviles, straight from the horse's mouth.

Brian Cashman would like you to know that A-Rod is no longer 'untouchable.' Shocking, I know.

Beyond the Boxscore takes a look at whether long at-bats favor pitchers or hitters.

And finally, Miguel Sano gets a Giancarlo Stanton comp. Don't know if MLB stadiums are big enough for two Giancarlo Stantons.