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Giants Or Tigers: Who Are Mets Fans Rooting For In The 2012 World Series?

The 2012 World Series is nigh. Who are Mets fans rooting for?

Ezra Shaw

The 2012 World Series begins at 8pm on Wednesday night, and while I'm thrilled that the Yankees and Cardinals can't possibly win a championship this season, I'm not really sure I care enough about either the Giants or the Tigers to have a rooting interest in this year's Fall Classic. This is a mixed bag, emotionally, because while another Yankees title would have made me baby-punching angry, when I can't root for the Mets I throw all my weight behind whoever happens to be playing the Yanks.

A World Series without a clear personal favorite is a World Series with a little less excitement, and while I might normally just root for any National League team who doesn't hail from the NL East, knowing the Giants just won a title two years ago makes me at least a tad reluctant to root for them over the Tigers, who lost in the World Series to the Cardinals in 2006 but haven't won a title since 1984.

Looking for former Mets? NLCS MVP Marco Scutaro, Angel Pagan, and Guillermo Mota represent the Giants, while Octavio Dotel tends to middle relief on the Tigers.

What about you? Giants or Tigers, and explain why in the comments.