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Mets Morning News: Mets May Non-tender Torres While Pagan Gets Closer To A Ring

New York Mets related news and links for October 25, 2012

Jason O. Watson

News about the Mets will likely be pretty slow during the World Series, as MLB frowns upon teams upstaging its big event. That doesn't mean there is nothing Mets-related to talk about though, as there are a few interesting tidbits out there.

The Mets roster should look a little different on opening day in 2013, that much we know. Several days ago we heard that the Mets will be non-tendering Mike Pelfrey, and the fate of Andres Torres is still up in the air. Today we have a little speculation about what the Mets could be trading to acquire a bat, although it's just speculation at this point.

Yesterday at AA:

Steve continues his look at players that the Mets could conceivably be looking to acquire with the Oakland A's. Specifically, Steve took a look at outfielders.

Chris took a different approach to solving our outfield woes. He looked at the potential viability of a Mike Baxter/Scott Hairston platoon. That doesn't sound terrible at all, although I have my doubts that Hairston will be back in 2013.

Around MLB:

That World Series thing started yesterday, so I suppose we should touch on that. Pablo Sandoval and Barry Zito led the way, as the National League representatives beat the Tigers in Game 1. Hooray for the league with no DH!

Brian Sabean has generally taken a lot of flack for his generally poor work as a general manager, but Baseball Nation took the stance that he may be a bit underrated yesterday. Seeing their success makes me happy, as frankly, our roster going into 2013 is fairly similar to the opening day roster that the Giants had this season as far as general strengths and weaknesses go.

Finally for today, Mike Newman took a deeper look at shortstop prospects.

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