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Amazin' Avenue Offseason Plan Contest Discussion Thread

In which we discuss the 2012 Amazin' Avenue Offseason Plan Contest.

AAOP 2012: It's Happening
AAOP 2012: It's Happening

As we've done for several years now, we will shortly be announcing this year's Amazin' Avenue Offseason Plan Contest, which pits AA-ers against one another in a Hunger Games-style GM-to-the-death competition to put together the best 2013 roster given finite resources and modestly elastic reality.

In the past, we've capped the Mets' payroll at the projected actual payroll for the coming season. Internally, we've been kicking the tires on possibly relaxing this to allow for a little more flexibility and creativity with respect to trades, free agent signings, and so forth. While it wouldn't hew as closely to the organization's real offseason options, none of us will be running the Mets anytime soon anyway. The Mets will apparently keep payroll at or under $100 million for 2013 and will clear very little salary due to expiring contracts and non-tenders, so expanding the payroll ceiling for the AAOP to $120 million or $130 million could make things more fun.

Please use this thread to discuss the possibility of increasing the AAOP payroll limit for 2013 as well as any other AAOP-related thoughts or changes you'd like to see implemented.