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Today in Mets eBay Superlatives: What's your badge number?

Sometimes eBay's depths can be plumbed for spectacular treasures; other times, for some of the most ridiculous objects available. Here we're mostly interested in the latter. Today, the most ineffective police badge ever.

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I wonder if any of them are Official Baseball Fans
I wonder if any of them are Official Baseball Fans
Lars Baron

I tend not to have a ton of interaction with the police. The only illegal activity I really engage in is speeding, and when I do that it's not by a lot, and really I don't do it that much. So I've never really been arrested or anything, and I've certainly never gone through that TV trope of demanding to see an arresting officer's badge. Honestly I'm not even sure when that's an appropriate thing to do; I guess when it's an undercover cop, or one in an unmarked car.

I just hope that if I'm ever in a position where I actually have to do that, this is the badge the officer reveals.


Two things:

  • There's no badge number. So if a cop were to show this to you, there's no way of identifying the specific officer if, for some reason, you would need to do so. This of course is assuming that there's more than one Official Baseball Fan in the department, which I feel is a pretty safe assumption.
  • You have to be certified as a baseball fan. I thought that watching a lot of baseball and enjoying it and such was the only qualification for being a baseball fan, but evidently there are also badges we're all supposed to have? Does anyone know if I'm allowed to watch the World Series without a badge?