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Mets Morning News: Sandy's Mess Comes Ashore

Angel Pagan gets a ring, while the rest of us count down the days until pitchers and catchers report. Assuming we survive the Frankenstorm.

Jonathan Daniel

Meet the Mets

Like the rest of us, Greg Prince is now just biding his time until the 2013 season starts. It's going to be a long five months.

Yesterday at AA

Brock Mahan took a look back at the groundbreaking for Shea Stadium. Yo Citi Field, I'm real happy for you and I'm gonna let you finish, but Shea Stadium was one of the greatest stadiums of all time.

This Traaaaaaaaain

The Giants completed their four game sweep of the Tigers, their second World Series Title in three years. Naturally, Marco Scutaro drove in the winning run in the tenth inning. He didn't win World Series MVP though, as that went to Pablo Sandoval. Fine, but he still shouldn't have started the all-star game.

Angel Pagan, the 42nd greatest Met in history, reveled in the World Series victory. As well he should. Maybe he can spend some of his playoff share to get a haircut though.

Still trying to figure out how this happens after a victory in every major sporting event. Hopefully San Franciscans will be better behaved at their victory parade, which will be on Halloween.

Apparently we are going ahead and putting Bruce Bochy right into the Hall of Fame now.

Jeff Sullivan takes a look at the Sergio Romo fastball that ended the World Series. #BlameCabrera

Around MLB

Clayton Kershaw won the Roberto Clemente award for his work in Zambia. Good for him, but I won't be too sad if this is the only hardware Kershaw takes home this offseason.