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Mets Morning News: Any Excuse to Mention Jeff Keppinger

David Wright didn't win a Gold Glove, Marco Scutaro probably isn't walking through that door, and if you are reading this you're too late to get a free taco. There's not much good news today you guys.

Dennis Wierzbicki-US PRESSWIRE

Meet the Mets

The Mets picked up the 2013 options on R.A. Dickey and David Wright. This is of course a mere formality as the team continues to try and sign both to long term extensions.

Ken Davidoff recommends the Mets bring Marco Scutaro back to Queens. Personally I'd prefer Jeff Keppinger if we are bringing a former fringy middle infield prospect back into the fold.

You might be shocked to learn that the Mets will not be huge players in the free agent market this offseason. They will need a centerfielder, however.

Oh, and they announced the Gold Glove awards last night. David Wright was the only Met finalist, but lost out to Chase Headley. Mets twitter took this predictably well. Sure, Wright had the defensive metrics on his side, but Headley hit 30 home runs in Petco. Let's not kid ourselves about what matters more.

Yesterday at AA

Pack Bringley celebrated Marco Scutaro's 37th birthday. Apparently it's Marco Scutaro day here at Mets Morning News.

Thomas Wachtel scoured ebay to bring you this Bill Denehy rookie card.

And Chris McShane took a look at the Mets' World Series odds for next year.

Around MLB

So if the sight of Wright getting snubbed for a Gold Glove hasn't left you blinded with rage, here's the complete list of winners for you to peruse.

Ned Colletti spent 22.5 million dollars on Brandon League yesterday. Then he went home and did this.

But it's okay, because the Dodgers can just clear some money by trading Andre Ethier. I'm sure teams will just be lining up to take on 85 million dollars of Andre Ethier.

Meanwhile in Chicago, Jake Peavey got a whole seven million dollars more and one fewer year guaranteed. Dave Cameron thinks that move was a-okay.

This is probably of less use to you, the reader, now, but Taco Bell extended the opportunity to get your free Angel Pagan taco through yesterday. If you took them up on that offer, you may have even run into Angel Pagan! Lookin' sharp, Angel!

Also in tangentially-related-to-the-Giants news, McCovey Chronicles publicly apologizes to Brian Sabean.

And at FanGraphs, Jeff Sullivan explains the whole qualifying offer thing.

Now it's time for Your 2012 Mets Highlight Of the Day to get you through the long, cold offseason:

David Wright may not have won an actual Gold Glove, but he's a Gold Glover in our hearts.

And your non-baseball link of the day:

Raymond Chandler writes about the experience of working in Hollywood, as only Raymond Chandler can.