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Mets Morning News: Dickey Speaks, Does Not Want To Leave

Your Sunday morning dose of New York Mets & Major League Baseball news, notes and links.

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

Meet the Mets

R.A. Dickey received the Branch Rickey Award for humanitarian service and in a speech, he made sure to say that he doesn't want to leave the Mets. Love The R.A., Love The R.A.

In the Times, Benjamin Hoffman looks at some other knuckleball pitchers who may be comparable to Dickey's age and situation.

There's a possibility that Andres Torres may be back in blue and orange next season, though the Mets would likely non-tender and then re-sign him to a lesser contract.

Around the Majors

The Mets haven't yet expressed interest in outfielder Melky Cabrera but at least five other teams have, according to Joel Sherman.

A number of teams are said to be interested in the devil himself Shane Victorino this offseason. None of those teams thus far, thankfully, are the Mets.

The Dodgers are saying that Andre Ethier and his gigantic contract are not on the trading block, as was recently reported. As if any team other than the Dodgers would take that ridiculous deal on.

The Diamondbacks are not shopping top prospect righty Trevor Bauer, refuting a report from earlier this week. So basically we've got no actual news to pass along in this space this morning. It's Sunday, everybody!

Yesterday At AA

In This Date In Mets' History for November 10th, we lobby to celebrate Omar Minaya's 54th birthday!