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This Week In SNY Year In Review: Gary, Keith, And Ron

TWISNY looks back at the best of GKR in 2012.


This Week In SNY: a series started in part to distract from the substandard Mets on-field product. It has certainly provided a fun distraction for us; we hope you have enjoyed reading.

TWISNY would like to thank Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez, and Ron Darling for another great season. Here's to many more. Let's look back at the best of GKR in 2012.

Monday, April 9th

Ron went on a memorable rant about pitch counts, specifically pertaining to Stephen Strasburg. Ron was mad as hell, and he wasn't gonna take these pitch counts anymore!:


Ron Darling: Let me ask you a question. Why do these organizations -- why do they want to pigeon-hole themselves? Why don't they just keep their big mouths shut? There's no reason to tell anybody that [Stephen Strasburg] is on any innings. They don't owe anyone that. Just shut your mouth and let him pitch...

...Nothing worse for baseball than taking a great young pitcher and not letting him be great. We should try that the rest of the way, see how it goes in 2025. C'mon he's 6'4", 240lbs...

...There's no artificial way to keep a guy healthy. They did everything you're supposed to do in the minor leagues and what happened? He had Tommy John Surgery in his first year! I mean, please. I'm so sick of the people who never played in the suits -- or they've got the white smocks on -- saying 'I know how to legislate when a guy is going to get hurt. And I give him these innings or that innings and he's definitely not gonna get hurt.' They did everything you're supposed to do. They did it all by the book, and in his first year he gets a Tommy John. Way to go. Fantastic. Great job. Did everything by the book. There's no book! There is no book! I'm so sick of hearing it!


Monday, April 23rd

It was fashion week at TWISNY! First up, Keith was with leather:


Then he was showing off his "velvet smoker's jacket" and camouflage gloves:


Next, here's GKR looking coordinated in red ties:


Finally, all eyes were on Keith and his stylish orange sweater:


Sunday, April 29th

Gary celebrated his 54th birthday and SNY provided a baby photo of our favorite play-by-play man:


Happy birthday, Gary! Here's to a lifetime contract with SNY and the Mets, as well as to him keeping an open mind about sabermetrics.

Sunday, May 6th

National treasure Ralph Kiner made his regular season debut:


He was his usual charismatic self and dropped a memorable one-liner:

Ralph Kiner: Paul Revere was the first sign stealer.

If you have not already done so, please read (and share) "An Open Letter to the New York Mets Regarding Ralph Kiner on his 50th Anniversary with the Organization."

Wednesday, May 16th

May was a month for Gary, Keith, and Ron to explore the space at Citi Field. First, Keith spent some time right behind home plate, a true man of the people:


Keith analyzed pitch movement, player positioning, and the best spots to rest one's feet while sitting in the front row:


On Wednesday, May 30th, GKR continued a practice started at Shea Stadium by broadcasting from Citi Field seats. They set up shop in the Pepsi Porch:


We love this tradition and hope to see it continue in the future. Stamp of approval.

Keith gave a short speech about the science of baseball bats:


Keith said two of the following three quotes during the segment. Try to pick out the one TWISNY fabricated:

a) "You would go in front of a sink and bone it. It's called boning."
b) "Don't bone too much. It's possible to bone too much."
c) "Everybody grooved. You were stupid if you didn't."

Click here for the answer.

Friday, June 15th

Gary got a little silly during the pre-game introduction. See if you can spot all the REO Speedwagon song titles here, in honor of the band's post-game performance:

Gary Cohen: At Citi Field in New York, PIX11 Sports presents New York Mets baseball. Tonight the Mets play the Cincinnati Reds. When the Mets last left New York, they were riding the storm out, trying to get themselves right. Now they can't fight this feeling that they're right back in the race. Trying to keep the fire burning as they return home to Citi Field to take on the Cincinnati Reds. Did we mention there's a post-game concert?


Friday, August 3rd

Keith showcased his new-and-improved scorecard:



"I just learned about Powerpoint. Or Excel. Or whatever it is."

Wednesday, August 22nd

A young Mets fan with a mohawk stole the show for a half-inning:



Gary and Keith added some amusing commentary:

Keith Hernandez: Oh boy.

Gary Cohen: Now that's a real mohawk.

Keith Hernandez: I just don't think I'd allow that. Not that it's terrible.

Gary Cohen: It's all a matter of taste.

Keith Hernandez: I'd say, "Son, wait until you're in college."

Gary Cohen: Then what happens?

Keith Hernandez: Do whatever you want, you're on your own.

Tuesday, August 21st

SNY cameras spotted these fans, one wearing a Keith Hernandez jersey and the other repping Sid Fernandez:


Keith had some thoughts on the two fans while Gary did some minor damage control:

Keith Hernandez: Boy!

Gary Cohen: That's a Hernandez next to a Fernandez.

Keith Hernandez: It should be reversed!

Gary Cohen: Alphabetically, of course.

Of course! Good save, Gary.

Monday, September 10th

Keith's moustache is gone but his keen fashion sense remains. Here he is just killing it wearing a brown leather jacket:


Wednesday, September 19th

Phil Niekro joined the booth to talk knuckleballs, forcing Ron into a TWISNY favorite, the high chair:


Ronny's thought bubble: "One of these years, Hernandez; one of these years we'll get you into the high chair."

Thursday, September 20th

Ron explained why his chair in the booth is just a bit lower than Gary's and Keith's:

Gary Cohen: Here in the booth we don't have designations on chairs.

Ron Darling: We always know which chair is mine though.

Gary Cohen: Right, because you sit in a low chair. I don't know why that is. We don't have designations. Unlike Kevin's chair which is inscribed with "field reporter"

Ron Darling: There is a reason I sit on the low chair. When we're in the three-man booth, with you two flanking me on either side, I find that it's easier for us to have a conversation, instead of me blocking one or the other. And ya know Keith likes to be the tallest. He has that kind of personality.

Monday, September 24th

Gary has never been shy about sharing which players he is not fond of. Hanley Ramirez and B.J. Upton come to mind. Add Heath Bell to that list. Here is a transcript of a pointed discussion between Gary and Ron about the portly Marlins reliever and the Marlins in general:

Gary Cohen: The Marlins just left town and we were talking over the weekend about Heath Bell. In addition to having a poor season, he'd thrown just about everybody in the organization under the bus. Today he went on a radio show and said of Ozzie Guillen: "It's hard to respect a guy that doesn't tell you the truth, or doesn't tell you face-to-face." Make it one more Marlin thrown under the bus by Heath Bell. Heath would throw himself under the bus but he probably wouldn't fit.

Ron Darling: Sometimes it's hard to respect a guy who's stealing $12 million. C'mon. I've heard enough from him. He should have just concentrated on his pitching.

Gary Cohen: The problem Heath has is that he doesn't have a friend in that organization. They would get rid of him in a heartbeat if they could. But it's hard with that big contract he's lugging around.

Ron Darling: It's not like he's going to change if he goes to some other organization.

Gary Cohen: I know that the Mets have had a very rough second half. But you could see the difference in attitude over the weekend between these two ballclubs, the Mets and the Marlins. The Marlins have the look of a team that wants no part of the rest of the season.

Gary and Ron, coming in hot! There haven't been meaningful games in September for many seasons, but there are always meaningful broadcasts in September.

That's all for now. We'll be back soon with "best of" posts about players and fans, Nitpicking With TWISNY, and Kevin Burkhardt.